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Movie Night Magic

Last weeks movie night was a great success. As the title of the movie said, the children were 'All Stars' and enjoyed a variety of snacks including Dominoes Pizzas whilst watching a fantastic movie.  Money raised from this event will help take extra items out to the schools in Romania during Mrs Boyles' visit in December. A huge thank you to those staff and parents which helped make the night a lovely experience for all the children.


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Monster Mania

Class 2 had fun last Thursday as they celebrated their class treat with a Monster party!

The children enjoyed dressing up in their choice of clothes and super costumes.  

Can you guess who is who - at times we found it quite tricky!

We had fun designing our own monster cupcakes and following instructions to make our own monster feet, monster paper plate hat and party plate!

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Photo 3 (8)


We even had our own wizard who was busy casting spells!


Let's see if we can carry on the magic and earn another class treat next half term.

Well done!

Happy half term!

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Champion Bunting Creators!

This half term the children in Class 2, as part of their homework project, were challenged to create their own bunting.  

Have a look at their fabulous creations!


The bunting is now hanging proud in our classroom

- thank you for your hard work.



Harvest Gratitude

It's always exciting when we receive a letter through the post at school! 

The children were over the moon to receive letters and cards of thanks from the local residents for their Harvest gifts. 

During Gold Book on Thursday, we shared the thank you messages.  Thank you again to our school community for your generosity - our neighbours were so thrilled.


Creative Homework Class 3

Over the half term we will all see some spooky goings on, so we thought that we'd tell halloween stories for our creative homework. This homework is due in on Friday 8th November.

I thought I might share some suggestions that the class made today...

  • You could make a trasure map that tells a story,
  • Make a board game that tells different parts of the story depending on what you land on,
  • You could act out your story with some friends and film it or take pictures,
  • You could find pictures of your last halloween and tell your own real life story.

All fabulous ideas! I'm sure you'll come up with many more and I'm really looking forward to seeing them all.

The latest news from Ancient Greece...

Well done Class 3 for the hard work you have put into making these broadcasts. These wonderful minutes of film are the product of independent research, report writing, comprehension of the story and excellent group work. Can you guess what Greek story they are telling us about?



Class 4 Creative Homework 24 October 2013

Autumn Homework Task:  Bonfire Night will soon be here and we want you all to be safe.  Your task is to produce an A4-sized poster warning of the dangers and how to keep safe.  Remember it should be as colourful and eye-catching as possible and make the warning stand out.  To be completed by Monday 4th November, when it will be shared with the rest of the class. 


Enjoy  the break and look forward to  seeing  you back to school ready to work hard.

Happy Hols

Mrs Rawlings

Newsletter - Issue 12

Please find a copy of our latest newsletter below. Thank you.




Facts about Florence!

Team 2 have been working hard to find out facts about Florence Nightingale.
Children, can you help to create an online fact file by leaving a comment about what you have learnt about Florence?
One merit when you comment.  Thank you :)

Special Smalley Bake off!

 This morning Team 2 have really been using their listening skills to follow instructions. We have had a busy but fun time making cakes.

Enjoy them this evening.



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