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18 posts from April 2013


Class 4 Spellings for week beginning 29/04/13

Here are this weeks spellings.

 Please learn for a test on Friday, but you do not have to do spelling sentences this week, as school is closed this Thursday for Polling Day.

Download 22.04.13


Phase 3 Letters and sounds- Miss Firth's group

This week we are going to be looking at the sounds qu, ch, and sh.

See if you can read and write these words:

quick, quack, chip, chin, ship, fish         

Can you think of  sentences with these words in?      


In phase 2 you learnt the tricky words:  I, no, go, to, the, into

This week we will be looking at the tricky word: me        

Remember that they are called tricky words because we can't sound them out and blend them!         


Phase 2 Letters & Sounds

We are learning to recognise and write all the phonemes from a up to z.

This week we are reading and writing CVC word containing the phonemes c, ck and m and putting them into sentences we can read.

A challenge for this week: See if you can spot tricky words ( the,to,no,go,I ) in books you read at home and school.

Keep up the good work! You are all trying really hard in letters and sounds. Well done:-)


Class 4 Spellings for week beginning 22/04/13

Here are this weeks spellings.


Download 22.04.13

Class 3 spellings Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Group 1- similar, different, character, because, similarities, differences, fantastic, establishment, bleak, warmth.

Group 2 -children, quiet, parents, school, hundred, first, young, warmth, goodness, woman.

Group 3- so, while, first, next, finally, because, when.

Please can spelling sentences be completed by Tuesday 30th April. Thank you.


Summer Term - Important Dates for your Diary

Download Diary-dates---summer-term-2013-2

Rosette for outstanding 'Random Act Of Kindness' awarded

Max from class 2 was awarded our first rosette for his outstanding 'Random Act of Kindness' as part of the Brilliant Derby project. 

Max spent his playtimes searching for his friends tooth which had fallen out, but without success.  It wasn't until a day later whilst Max was continuing to search that he found it on the playground! 

Max was not only rewarded with our special rosette but the tooth fairy left him a special coin too!


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Headteacher's Award

Congratulations to Bronwyn in Class 4 for being the first winner of the Headteacher's award rosette.

Bronwyn was chosen because she has the perfect attitude towards school, always smiling and working incredibly hard. Well done!

A massive thank you again to Mrs Cawley for your kind donation of the Rosette.

Headteacher's Award

St. George's day menu

Our fabulous new kitchen has a special menu for St. George's Day next Tuesday. Please see below. Dinners are £1.90.

St. George's day menu

Random Acts of Kindness

Our year 5 children have taught us about Random Acts of Kindness in their assembly before Easter! We have our fabulous wall on display in the hall where examples of Random Acts of Kindness from the children are shown for all to see.

Imagine my delight therefore when one of our parents, Mrs Cawley, sent in two rosettes this week. One of the Rosettes is to be given to a child on the Random Acts of Kindness wall each week.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Cawley for her kind donation. The Rosette looks fabulous.

Our first winner this week is Max in Class 2 for the wonderful story of how he searched for his friend Matthew's missing tooth and found it a day later.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness