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Re: Easter Homework Task

The Easter holidays are here and I want to know what fun and exciting things you get up to. 

During the holidays think about an activity you take part in or place you have visited and produce a piece of written work to advertise this event, place or activity.  You might collect items such as tickets, leaflets and postcards or cut pictures from magazines etc. or research information to add to your piece of work. 

Have a super holiday and come back ready for a very busy, fun-filled summer term.


Brilliant Derby Project is launched at Smalley School

 Class 5 launched the Brilliant Derby Project this week with an assembly to the whole school introducing the Happy Hippo Wall of Kindness and a premier of their Brilliant Derby song which they wrote the lyrics for themselves in their literacy lesson.  The Wall of Kindness display in the school hall is enhanced by their wonderful Brilliant Derby art canvases which have all been individually designed and made around the idea of Brilliant Derby.

All the pupils of Smalley School are now excited to spread the word and help everyone to become '2%ers' and banish 'moodhoovers' from our City of Derby and more importantly Smalley School.

Smalley School Brilliant Derby slogan is.......

Being Positive Is Great So Let's Celebrate!

  • SDC13015
  • SDC13016
  • SDC13017
  • SDC13014


Easter Baking in Class 5

 We have had great fun today baking Easter cakes for our friends and family to enjoy over the Easter holidays.  Take a look at our photos of Class 5 bakers in action!  A massive thank you to Mrs Judson and Miss Smith for helping us.

We hope everyone enjoys our finished cakes.

  • SDC13013
  • SDC13012
  • SDC13011
  • SDC13010
  • SDC13009
  • SDC13008
  • SDC13007
  • SDC13006
  • SDC13005



Phase Four Letters and Sounds

Well done to all the children for working so hard in Letters and Sounds.

Here are a few words to keep you going over the Easter holiday.

  • What
  • When
  • Out
  • Floats
  • Soft
  • Pondweed
  • Trail
  • Creep

          HAPPY EASTER!


School Council Update

We always try our best to have regular meetings here is an update of things we have discussed and achieved over the last few months.

  • Year 6 organised and held a very successful toast and crumpet snack time which raised £23 towards wet play time toys .
  • We are really pleased with the new kitchen and everyone enjoyed the Red Nose Day lunchtime.
  • We have asked Mr Crawford to look at having new playground markings.
  • Mrs Evans will be ordering School Council badges for all representatives.

We would like to wish you a very Happy Easter


Smalley Art Exhibition

We had an amazing end to our day in school with our Art Exhibition organised by the PTFA. The Art work was stunning, thanks to the hard work and talent of our children and staff. Our hall looked beautiful. A massive thank you to the Teaching Assistants for displaying the work in such a way.

A huge Thank You to the PTFA for all their hard work in organising such a wonderful event. The cakes were gorgeous as always, the chocolate tombola went down a treat as did the much needed refreshments.

See the video below of the highlights. The total will follow on this page. All the funds raised this year will go towards new ICT equipment including laptops or iPads for the school. 



Team Eddy Party at Planet Happy!

Please see below a video of children from Classes R, 1 and 6 at Planet Happy in Heage. We had a very special party with the proceeds donated to Team Eddy. Children received their own goody bag and Team Eddy gingerbread man to take home.

Thank you to the children for being so well behaved. You played beautifully and made us all very proud. 

Thank you also to Mr. Hopwell and Mrs Hird for organising such a fab evening. 

A massive thank you to Plannet Happy for hosting the party.



Team Eddy - Raffle Prizes

Team Eddy raffle prizes are listed below. The Raffle raised £95 which is a great effort and their were some fantastic prizes on display. Many thnaks to those that donated prizes including Boots, Breadsall Priory and Planet Happy.

A massive thank you to Mrs Hird for all your hard work and organisation in preparing this.


1. Soap and Glory Gift Set - Elisha Laurie

2. Prosecco and Round of Golf for 4 at Breadsall Priory - Sam Duro

3. Easter Egg and 5 passes to Planet Happy - Bradley Bamford

4. Boots Botanics Gift Bag - Harry Follon

5. FCUK Bag and Goodies - Thomas Glover

6. Wine and Golf at Breadsall Priory - Tegan Cawley

7. Make up and Bag - Reece Woodward

8. Ted Baker Set - Mrs. Boyles

9. Easter Egg and 5 Passes to Planet Happy - David C Class 1

10. Mens No. 7 Gift Bag - Mrs Judson

11. Boots Expert Gift Set - Holly Lynas 

12. Boots Naturals Set - Danny Sadler

13. Nail Set - Mrs. Bacon

14. Wine and Easter Eggs - Mrs. Mason

15. Boots Naturals Set - Amelia Wass

16. Shampoo - Amber Buckley

17. Ted Baker Gift Set - Joshua Flynn


Thanks to Matt Evans for making the draw.



Community spirit

The first picture below was our car park when I arrived at school just after 7:00am this morning! It was by far the deepest we have had since I have been at Smalley!

By 8:00 am the car park was busy with staff and parents clearing the snow to ensure the site was safe for our children.

A massive thank you to Mr. Hopwell and Mr. Evans for their amazing efforts.

Also a huge thank you to Mrs Boyles, Mrs Hart and Mrs Evans for helping and of course Mr Bates our caretaker.

It took a good 2 hours to clear the site paths and drive today so without this help we would have struggled to be ready for 9:00am.

Another great example of community spirit in Smalley.

Community spirit

Community spirit

Community spirit


Snow day Reception class tasks

This week in numeracy we have been busy learning how to add two numbers together to find out how many altogether. Here are some activities to download to do at home. Each activity gets a little harder each time so if you want more of a challenge you can download the harder one. Remember to use objects at home to help you such as cutlery, dried pasta, toy cars etc..

If you manage to complete the activities, see if you can write some sums of your own remembering to use the symbols + and =.

Download Addition-to-5  Download Addition-to-10 (2)  Download Addition-beyond-10