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A new form of presentation

In Class 3 we have been focusing on our presentation. I thought I might join in and this afternoon I have been taught how to make very beautiful presentations that I hope you will all enjoy.



Thank you to Mrs Reckless for all her help and advice.


Team Eddy

We are raising money this term for a very special boy in our Reception Class. Eddy was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in August 2012. He is incredibly brave and has been fighting hard ever since. We are looking to raise money to show our support for Eddy and his family.

Our fundraising is on two levels:

  1. Mr. Crawford and a team of parents are running the Adidas Half Marathon at Silverstone on Sunday March 3rd. 
  2. The children will be  doing a 'Mile for Eddy' in Fancy dress on Friday 8th March.  This will be 13 laps of our playground to mirror the 13 miles of the half marathon.

Further details and a sponsor form will come home with children very soon.

In the meantime our fundraising page can be found by using the link below;

Team Eddy 

You can sponsor us by using this link or by using a traditional sponsor form and sending your money to school. Download our sponsor form below:

Download Team Eddy Sponsor Form - Final

Thank you in advance for your support for Team Eddy.


20130130-IMG_7242 (1)

The Art of Being Brilliant

Our Year 5 Children had a fabulous afternoon at the first Brilliant Derby Workshop 'The Art of Being Brilliant.' We are so excited about taking part and look forward to spreading the brilliant message across the school and then our whole community. The Brilliant Derby project  is for schools in Derby City and aims to make Derby the best/happiest city in the world. We are the only school from Derbyshire taking part so a massive Thank You to Andy Cope for inviting us and to the Mayor of Derby for allowing us to do so!

The Art of Being Brilliant


One of the highlights from this afternoon. Where is Matt? Our children will join lots of othe Year 5's and do this dance on BBC News. Get practising children, Mrs Boyles and Mr. Dickson!!

Watch the video below. What do you think the message is behind it? Do you think Class 5 can have the same effect and spread the brilliant message across our school and community?


 Another highlight - the Pig of Happiness - see below.


School Direct Interviews

Well done to Robin L, Rebekah L, Daniel  B, Brooke S, James H and Katie H, the six members of our school council who took part in the interviewing process of two students who would like to do their teacher training at our school. You were all fantastic! You asked some very interesting questions.

Spellings Tuesday 29th January 2013

Group 1- amusment,amusing,amused,brilliantly,cared,caring,careless,carelessly,carer,care.

Group 2- enough,tough,cough, stuff, fluff, photo, Phillip, off, phone, rough

Group 3- oh, Mrs, could,called, Mr , looked.

Please could your spelling sentences be in for Tuesday 5th February. Thankyou


Class 4 Spellings for week beginning 28/01/13

Here is this weeks spellings.

Download 28.01.13

Phase 3 letters and sounds- Miss Firth

In Phase 3 letters and sounds we are learning the sounds;

ch   sh   th    ng   ai   ee   oa   oo

Try reading and spelling these words:

chip, ship, fish, moth, bath, ring, wing, pain, sail, feel, meet, coat, soap, boot, moon

These are the new tricky words we have been learning to recognise and spell:

he, she, me, be, was

Can you put these words into a sentence?



Fun Phonics in Phase 5!


  U pink panther


Today in our Letters and Sounds session the children revisited the phoneme 'u' as in pudding. They also learnt about the alternative spellings for this sound- 'oul' and 'oo'.




















Can you think of any more words using these spelling patterns? Remember though they must have the 'u' sound.  

Great Fire of London request!

Team 2, here are the links that you asked us to pop on the website about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London monument.  We hope you enjoy looking at them again:


Phase 5 letters and sounds

This week in letters and sounds we were learning about different graphemes for the letter sounds 'f' and 'ai'.

We used a video by Mr Thorne to help us with all the spellings of the 'ai' sound.

These were: ai, a-e, ei, ey, ay, a, eigh and even aigh.

What four graphemes did we learn about for the 'f' sound, and can you think of any words with these graphemes in?