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Creative Homework Task

The Creative Homework Task for the holidays is to create a piece of work which represents the best parts of 2012.  This can be a collage, picture, poem or poster, the choice is yours.   This needs to be ready to share with the class on Thursday 10th January.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2013.

Best Wishes

Mrs Rawlings & Mrs Shelton


Check out the next stars of Strictly Come Dancing!

As you can see Class 3 really are candidates for next years Strictly!!





Christmas fun times in class 3!

This is some of the Christmassy fun that has been happening in class 3 over the past couple of weeks...look at how hard we are working! (as always!)

Our calendars!

 These are class 3's super calendars which will be coming home later this week.

We got the idea from a 'doodle pad' colouring book that Miss Thompson had at home, the children chose a design, coloured it in however they decided and then they used small pieces of paper to recreate the 'mosaic' look that you see above.

The children have put so much effort and time into these calendars and they will look stunning on your kitchen wall all next year!

Well done class 3.


Phase 5 Christmas time!

Thank you children for all of your hard work during our Letters & Sounds classes.  You always come ready to learn during our daily 20 minutes sessions in the morning.

To consolidate the work that we have been covering, please have a look at the 100 and the next 200 key words for reading and spelling.  Challenge yourself to think of exciting sentences to put them in. We have also included some links to games which look at the Phase 5 phonemes.

Download First_100_tricky_words

Download Next_200_tricky_words





We wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to working with you again in the Spring Term.

KS1 Christmas Hoedown!


We has so much fun this afternoon as we performed our concert to the Key Stage 2 children.

Thank you to everyone in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for their excellent acting skills, beautiful dancing and superstar singing!

Everyone looked splendid in their costumes and so cute!

Gorgeous     Gorgeous     Gorgeous!


  • 100_3602
  • 100_3601
  • 100_3600
  • 100_3599
  • 100_3598
  • 100_3597
  • 100_3596
  • 100_3595
  • 100_3594
  • 100_3593
  • 100_3592
  • 100_3589



League Tables

Please find the latest league tables by following the link below. If you click on the headings of the 3 columns you will be able to see how the school fared compared to other Schools in Derbyshire.

League Tables

Derby Evening Telegraph Report

Ripley and Heanor Report


We are incredibly proud of the Year 6 children that left us in July. Also, a massive thank you to our wonderful staff who taught the children over their years here at Smalley, in particular Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Boyles who taught them their specialist subjects of Literacy and Numeracy in their last 2 years at school.

We are obviously proud of the children's results and it is always exciting to see results of 100% L4 and 80% L5 in English and Maths. However, it is not being in the top 10 of  Derbyshire Schools in each column but the Value added and progress measures that we are most proud of.

Each cohort of pupils  in school is different so for us to achieve 100% of children making the expected progress of 2 levels plus a large majority of children making better than expected progress is the statistic that pleases us most. We believe strongly in personalised learning in school and the teachers and pupils hard work is paying off. Well done to all.


Congratulations Lucy in Year 6 for putting the 1100 comment onto the website this weekend. It is only 3 weeks since we reached 1000 comments so this 100 has come up in record time. 

Lucy left a lovely comment saying how much she is sorry to see Miss Brown go and how much she will miss her.

Please continue to leave your comments about the wonderful things that are happening in school and the children's work. There have been more comments from parents in this 100 comments than any other so thank you for those.

Lucy please see me tomorrow for your prize! 





A Visit from Jack!


Wednesday afternoon was a very exciting time for Class R, One and Two as Jack came to our school hall.

All the children sat beautifully and enthusiastically as they watched our Christmas Pantomime. 

It really was a nice treat.


  • 100_3579
  • 100_3582
  • 100_3583
  • 100_3585
  • 100_3586
  • 100_3587

 The children in Class 2 completed an independent writing challenge this week based on this traditional story. We are very proud of all the skills they used as they changed the names of the characters and thought of alternative endings- well done Team 2!


A Victorian Christmas Celebration

A massive thank you to our wonderful Key Stage 2 children for putting on two superb concerts yesterday. It has certainly helped me to get into the Christmas Spirit this year!

Your singing was beautiful, the poetry recitations were fabulous and the musical talent on display through piano, bells and drum playing was a joy to witness as usual. What made it even more special is that you all looked like you were enjoying it so much and having fun!

You created a special atmosphere with an authentic celebration around the Christmas Tree and I am so pleased you have enjoyed this topic so much and have continued to learn about the Victorians.

Thank you to the parents for your help with the costumes and for such an amazing turnout, we never take your support for granted and it is much appreciated. I think we may need to rent out the Assembly Rooms next year!!

A massive thank you also to our fabulous team of staff in Key Stage 2.  A lot of work goes into putting on our productions and this year was even more tricky with our kitchen being renovated.

Thank you to the PTFA for all their hard work and support with the raffle and refreshments.

 Another wonderful day in school children all because of your hard work and excellence. We are all very proud of you. Well done!