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A Visit from Jack!


Wednesday afternoon was a very exciting time for Class R, One and Two as Jack came to our school hall.

All the children sat beautifully and enthusiastically as they watched our Christmas Pantomime. 

It really was a nice treat.


  • 100_3579
  • 100_3582
  • 100_3583
  • 100_3585
  • 100_3586
  • 100_3587

 The children in Class 2 completed an independent writing challenge this week based on this traditional story. We are very proud of all the skills they used as they changed the names of the characters and thought of alternative endings- well done Team 2!


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Thank you Mrs. Rhodes for posting these pictures. I enjoyed the last 20 minutes of this performance and the children were so well behaved.
The production was very professional and is now appearing on stage at the Nottingham Playhouse.

Jack was funny!! The giant was fantastic and funny too! Alyssa x

The giant was funny and Jack was funny too.The giant was scary and big.They

The giant was funny and jack was funny too.The giant was scary. There were three characters in Jack and the beanstalk, I liked all of them.

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