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Super efforts!

Thank you to Matthew for your super science ideas, Gabby & Max for great team work.  Paige, Millie and Adam for your Hundertwasser artwork.  You were proud to show your work in Gold Book today. Well done!


Phase 5 W/B 26/11/12

Look at the links below to recap on the phonemes that we have covered this week during our Letters and Sounds sessions - thank you.




Can you explain how the bottle on this post was important this week? If you can, write it down on a piece of paper and bring it with you to our next Letters and Sounds session.  Any correct answer earns a merit.  Good luck!

Something to think about Team 2.......

Hello Team 2 - during Science today, Miss Richards planned some super hands on investigations for you all.

Can you explain what Angel Delight, salt, sandpaper and foil were doing in our classroom today? How were they being used?  What did you find out?

Comment below and receive a merit.

Look out because next week they'll be making another appearance.....

class 3 spellings week comm 26/11/12 and a little note

Hello all,

Really sorry for the lateness of this week's spellings.

Miss Thompson has been poorly this week so things have been a little topsy turvy  but now she is fighting fit and looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Spellings are below and are due in WEDNESDAY not Tuesday as normal because you received them late.

Group 1

anywhere,everywhere, somewhere, who, whole, whose, whether, which, while, where

Group 2

amazed, closed, lined, named, saved, smiled, tuned, used, waved, baked

Group 3

Always, away, stay, today, way

Happy learning and remember they're due in Wednesday 5th not Tuesday 4th.


Enjoying the apparatus in our PE lesson

Our PE topic this term is gymnastics using the large apparatus.  Here are some photographs to show you all the amazing work we've done and fun we've had using the equipment.


  • SDC12764
  • SDC12765
  • SDC12766
  • SDC12767
  • SDC12768
  • SDC12769
  • SDC12762
  • SDC12761
  • SDC12760
  • SDC12749
  • SDC12750
  • SDC12751
  • SDC12752
  • SDC12753
  • SDC12754
  • SDC12755
  • SDC12756
  • SDC12757
  • SDC12758
  • SDC12759
  • SDC12760



Class 4 Spellings week beginning 26/11/12

Here are spellings for the week beginning Monday 26th November, please learn them for a test on Friday and complete your spelling sentence homework for Thursday.

Download 26.11.12

Spellings for Friday 30th November

Kites:  iron,  iris,  irregular,  magician, musician

Balloons & Rockets: dietician,  electrician,  magician,  musician,  optician,  physician,  politician,  irregular,  iron,  irresistible


7X Tables


Year 4 Athletics Team

Well done  to Year 4 033
who came 1st in the Amber Valley Athletics Competition.

You all made me, Mrs Shaw and Miss Hickling very proud. All your hard work paid off and working as a team gave you the results you deserve.   Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll have another good result at Alfreton Leisure on the 4th December.

Phase 5

These are the phonemes that we have been looking at this week.

                ew               oe               au            ey       as in screw   as in heroes     as in launch   as in trolley

Can you think of the alternative choices that you have for spelling these sounds?  

Earn yourself a merit by making a list of 10 words which have the above spelling choices in them or have the alternative spelling choices e.g. screw, boo, blue, flute, juice, group.

Earn another merit by writing 5 sentences which have some of these words in:

1. Superman quickly flew down to rescue the screaming girl! 


Class One's Podcast!

We have created a podcast in Class One. We would like to know all about toys from the past, so Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads, take a listen and if you can answer any of the questions then please make a comment. We will look forwards to reading your responses!

Download VOICE053

Download VOICE052

Download VOICE051