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Smalley Stars-Athletics Final

Our superstars competed tonight in the Amber Valley Athletics Finals. The skill and determination on display made me incredibly proud to be headteacher of such an amazing group of children. They also were ambassadors for our school because of their sporting attitude.

The children came 3rd, a fantastic effort and won a beautiful trophy. Who needs Usain Bolt, Mo Farrah or Jessica Ennis?!

A massive thank you to our wonderful staff Mrs Shaw, Mrs Evans and Mrs Bacon for giving up their time to train and take the children after school.

Also thank you as always to the parents for your support. I am sure you are all very proud.

What a fantastic event.

Smalley Stars-Athletics Final

Smalley Stars-Athletics Final

Smalley Stars-Athletics Final


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I'm really liking your poses children! I'm really proud of your achievements - a VERY BIG well done - can't wait to see your trophy.

well done lucy michael rose reece jo maddie harry and freya from


Well done, everyone! x

Wow! Well done everyone.

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments. Glad you like the poses. Lovely to hear from you Flynn!

well done

Well done go team Smalley

Well done

Fab pictures of a fab team! You were all amazing, well done!

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