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Class 4 Spellings 22/10/12

Please remember you will be tested on your spellings on Thursday this week (25th October). Download 22.10.12

Spellings for Friday 26th October 2012

Kites:  healthy, diet, growth,  heart,  pump,  veins

Balloons & Rockets:   healthy, balanced,  diet,  proteins,  growth,  energy,  heart,  pulse,  pump,  veins,  arteries,  blood


Victorian Clothing

This week Class 3 have been designing Victorian clothing. Well done to all of the class for the effort you all put in, the other teachers were very impressed by your designs. Here is a sample of the class's work.



  • 20121019_162432
  • 20121019_162443
  • 20121019_162453
  • 20121019_162505
  • 20121019_162515
  • 20121019_162526





Phase 5 W/B 15/10/12

This week we have been having another look at the split vowel digraphs 'a_e', 'e_e',' i_e', 'o_e' and 'u_e'.  We have been reading, writing and finding other words in the dictionary which contain these split vowel digraphs.

Please follow the link below to have a look at the videos on the Espresso website:

Can you think of any more words which have these split vowel digraphs in them?

Look what 'WEAVE' been doing!


21st October

To celebrate 'Apple Day' on October 21st, Team 2 have been busy WEAVING their apple designs. The children carefully listened, watched, read and retold each other the instructions for going 'over' and 'under' with the paper strips.  We think the results are APPLETASTIC!

  • Busy day 015
  • Busy day 016
  • Busy day 017
Busy day 017

Please follow the Espresso website link below to have a look at a video about 'Apple Day':



Earn yourself a merit and find out a fantastic fact about the apple.

Here's one to start you off.....

Did you know?  

Archeologists have found evidence that humans have been enjoying apples since at least 6500 B.C.


A Victorian Class Picture


Class 3 Blist Hill Trip

Class 3 have recently visited Blist Hill where we all turned into Victorians for the day. Here are a few of our pictures...


  • SAM_2705
  • SAM_2706
  • SAM_2713
  • SAM_2714
  • SAM_2716
  • SAM_2722
  • SAM_2728
  • SAM_2737



Phase 3 Week beginning 15.10.12

We are looking at the sounds ...


air         ear     ow        or


Can you think of a word which contains each of these sounds and post them on here? 

Letters Home in Class One

Class One have sent home some very important letters! We have been looking at our addresses and the journey of a letter in our Geography lessons. Watch out for a letter coming through your door soon!

Try our video maker at Animoto.



class 3 spellings week comm 15/10/12

group 1

excite, exciting, excitement, happiness, listen, listening, listener, teach, teacher, teaching.

group 2

other, away, where, school, who, know, can't, again, our, play

group 3

when, what, were, one, out.

sentences and spellings books in for next Tuesday please.