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Harvest Assembly - Thank You!

A massive thank you to all parents, grandparents, friends and visitors for the unbelievable turnout for the Harvest Assembly. We definitely need a bigger hall for Christmas!

Thank you to all the staff for their dedication again. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in our school that 'go the extra mile' for our children. Thank you also to Mrs. Reckless for co-ordinating the event brilliantly.

 Finally,  thank you to our children, the assembly was stunning and you all performed beautifully.




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It was lovely to see ALL the children thoroughly enjoying the meaning of harvest, a time for giving and sharing. Well done!!

Thank You Mrs. Fennec, I'm pleased you enjoyed it.It was lovely to see the hall so full.

I thought all the children were superb. Well done. A lovely assembly!

Thank you to the whole school community for making this morning such a special occasion. Mrs Dean (on behalf of the Padley Centre - Derby) was so very grateful for all of your generous gifts and beautiful singing and words.
Well done children, you did us proud :).

I don't know who's idea it was this year to donate to the Padley Centre but i'd just like to say what a fantastic idea it was, a complete breath of fresh air after many years of donating cash for various charities, its great for kids to see - well done everyone at Smalley School.

Dear smalley school

i am in Australia with all my family we all hope school is ok.We had a lovely time in india.Say hello to class 3 and class 6 for me and all the other classes we started a new school called Rose Bay a couple of weeks ago.it is a very big school.We are missing everyone
love from the salts

Well done everyone the Harvest assembly was fantastic. How wonderful it was to see our Harvest Table full of all the produce for the Padley Centre.

It's lovely to hear from Flynn in Australia. Visiting India must have been a fantastic experience! I'm so pleased they are settling into their new school 'Down Under'. Best wishes to you all.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I agree it was lovely to donate to such a worthy local cause. I took a bag there on Saturday that we couldn't fit into the car and everyone at the centre was extremely grateful. It was amazing to see the table fill up during the song. Everyone involved in our school should be very proud!

We enjoyed taking part in the harvest assembly love from Aleasha,Lewis Strode

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