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PTFA Meeting Minutes 12 September 2012

Download Smalley School PTFA Meeting - Minutes 12th Sept 2012

PTFA AGM Minutes 12 September 2012

Download Smalley School PTFA AGM Meeting - Minutes - 12 Sept 2012

Letters and Sounds week Beg 1/10/12 Phase 6

This week we will be looking at and learning the following:

syllables - looking at how we can split words up into syllables and how rather than clapping the syllables in a word, when you say a word and your chin 'goes down' then that is usually 1 syllable....try it it really works!

Root words - we are finding root words for example the root word for the word 'excitement' is 'excite' and 'happiness' root word is 'happy'.


Miss Thompson

We've not forgotten you class 3!!

Hello lovely class 3 ,

now it does seem that we have forgotten you as there is nothing on here for you at the moment but just to reassure you....you have not been forgotten.

As from this week, spellings will be posted on the website and what we have been learning in Letters and Sounds will also appear. We will also post any relevant bits of information that you need or any work that we feel would be fabulous to share with everyone.

Sleep well and I will see you all in the morning.

Miss Thompson


Well done to you!

Olympic visitor 012
A very big well done to Alyssa, Jake, Matthew, Millie, Hugo and Max for all of their hard work.  They were chosen for our special Gold Book assembly today.  

Olympic Torch Visit - Inspire a generation!

On Wednesday we were very fortunate to have an Olympic Torch in school for the morning. Mr. Crawford was very proud to introduce his cousin, Andy Fewtrell, who was selected to take part in the torch relay due to his charity work after creating the Up and Under Foundation. 

Andy told the children all about the relay and lots of interesting facts about the Olympics and torch.

All the children got to hold the torch as it was passed in a relay around the hall as the assembly was taking place. Even the staff got to hold it too!!

Watch the video below. Thank you so much to Andy for travelling from Crewe to come to our school. We had a wonderful day. 




Class 4 Spellings 24/09/2012

Download 24-9.12

Getting Sticky in Year 2!

Today some of our children have started creating their vehicles using paper mache. A special thank you to Mrs Barlow and Mrs Swindell for supporting Team Two!


  • A Sticky time 001
  • A Sticky time 002
A Sticky time 002


Spellings for Friday 28th September

Kites:  angle,   ankle,   jumble,   simple,   candle

Balloons:  bramble,  temple,  handle,  tangle,  crinkle,  thistle,  rustle,  twinkle

Rockets:  grumble,  pimple,  swindle,  rectangle,  strangle,  sprinkle,  thistle,  rustle


Congratulations Mrs. Reckless for posting the 800th comment on the website. Please see me for your prize! It is a fantastic achievement to reach 800 comments so quickly as it is only a year since the website was launched. I have set the target for 1000 comments this year from pupils, parents, staff and friends of the school. The positive comments on the children's work mean so much to the children and staff.