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11 posts from July 2012


Great Game Playing!


Thank you to the group of Year 1 children that attended the Board Games Club this half term - you all played so well.

animated gifs Dice


Perfect Potatoes!


Today we harvested our potatoes and weighed them. The children shared the 5.1Kg. We hope you enjoy your tea tonight!


Super Buffet!


Thank you for a really gorgeous buffet tonight, it was delicious and all the staff and children really appreciated it.


Year 5 Book Sale

When we moved classrooms last week year 5 carefully sorted through our library books and decided that some books had been there a very long time and had seen better days! Instead of simply throwing them away they decided that perhaps some of our children might like to buy them to read at home and thus arranged to have a book sale each morning break the following week.   They printed posters and visited the other classes to tell them of our sale. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning breaktime this week, the children in class 5 carefully set out the books for sale and were surprised at how many excited children came to buy!  At the end of the 3 days the children counted the money and found to their surprise they had raised £55 - fantastic work as the books were only sold for 20p each! (Which mathematician can work out how many books we must have sold?)

It has been decided to use the money towards some new reading scheme books.  A big thank you to everyone in class 5 for giving up their breaktimes and working so hard. 

Well Done Everyone!


Year 6 SATs results - WOW!

Congratulations to all our Year 6 pupils on their stunning SATs results this year. 

English Overall - 100 Level 4,  95% Level 5

Reading - 100% Level 5

Writing - 95% Level 4, 45% Level 5

Maths - 100% Level 4, 80% Level 5

English+Maths Overall - Level 4 - 100%, 80% Level 5

These are stunning results Year 6 and we are all incredibly proud of you. I am so pleased your hard work has paid off.

A massive thank you at all staff who have worked with the children throughout their time at the school and in particular to Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Boyles who have worked so hard with them over the past 2 years in English and Maths. 

Thanks also to parents and carers for your wonderful support.

What a great way to end your time at Smalley. Lucky schools that you are going to next year!



Best of Broadway

The school was buzzing on Thursday and Friday night as the audience left the school raving about the talent they had witnessed. 

Massive congratulations to our children who performed songs from 6 musicals; Cats, Grease, Les Miserables, We Will Rock You, Annie and Mamma Mia. The singing was beautiful, dancing was very cool and the narrators did a superb job. It really was a stunning show of very high quality. We are very lucky to have such talented children and staff. 

Thank you to the band, lights, sound,  all our staff and especially to Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Boyles and Mrs. Walton.

Thank you to parents for supporting the show and for being a great audience. 


Super Team Work!

Linking the Olympics and our Science together, Team 2 looked at the terrific teamwork of the tiny ant.  Here is the video that we promised and also the BBC advert for the Olympics that you enjoyed.



Thought this was rather funny.....!


Follow these links to find out more about the amazing ant......




Loving the wet stuff!

Well, we may not have been able to play outside very much yesterday, but our potato and bean crops are certainly loving all of this rain!  The runner bean plants have even got a flower or two!  We hope the seedlings from our plant sale are all settling into their new homes well!  Thank you to Keira, Liam & Lewis for braving the elements!

  • 100_3070
  • 100_3071
  • 100_3073
  • 100_3075
  • 100_3072




Handy cubes!

As part of their Science work, Team 2 investigated the statement:

Older people can hold more cubes.

  • 100_3065
  • 100_3067
  • 100_3069


The children worked very hard to design their investigation.  They thought about how to make sure it was a fair test.  There were some interesting results which really got the children talking.

Well done Team 2!


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