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29 posts from April 2012


What's the time?

In Numeracy, Team 2 have been learning to tell the time and have been using this knowledge to solve some word problems.  We have been talking about why it is important to learn to tell the time and how this helps us in our everyday lives.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how to tell the time on clocks with hands and digital clocks.  We will be looking at the times o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  Some children will be using their time knowledge to solve time problems too.Team 2 - here is a link that has a variety of online time games; these will help to support your learning in the classroom.  Have a go and let us know what you think.....


Getting ready for the Olympics - London 2012!

On Friday, we welcomed Vicky into our classroom and she spoke to us about the history of the Olympics and the Olympic torch.  She introduced us to the London 2012 mascots, Wenlock & Mandeville.

We also made our very own Olympic torch, using some of the ideas that Vicky had shared with us.

Team 2 are certainly ready to support Team GB!





Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

Our Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

At our school we are ever striving to promote children's growing understanding of why words are spelt in particular ways,  with the aim of the children going on to apply it in their independent writing.

This process is supported in taught sessions in the school day and our Letters and Sounds Programme.

We do this through:

  • shared writing: the teacher demonstrates how to apply spelling strategies while writing and teaching proofreading skills;
  • guided and independent writing: the children apply what they have been taught. This is the opportunity to think about the whole writing process: composition as well as spelling, handwriting and punctuation;
  • marking the children's work: the teacher can assess their progress and their ability to understand and apply what has been taught, then identify targets for future improvement;
  • teaching and practising handwriting: learning and practising a fluent joined style will support your child's spelling development.

This week in Phase 6 we will be learning about spelling rules for adding 'ing', 'er' and 'est'.

Smalley Jazz Club

A big thank you to all that attended last nights amazing concert at school. We were very lucky to have Screaming Kicks Band from Hot House which contained 15 of the UK's  top musicians. This was their first concert back in the UK following their tour of New York and Boston. 

It was lovely to see so many friends of the school and people who were visiting for the first time.

The concert was sold out within just a few days and thanks to our wonderful staff our hall was transformed Saturday afternoon into a Jazz Club! 

The band commented afterwards that this was one of their favourite gigs as the atmosphere was so great. We hope to see Screaming Kicks and perhaps other sections of Hot House back in our school very soon and hope to keep the good relationship  we have with them going. 

A special mention to our very own Oliver Mason, an ex-pupil of ours who was awesome on the Guitar. We have a number of talented musicians in the school at the moment and it would be lovely to see them performing at such a level in the future. 




Phase Four Letters and Sounds

This week Mrs Hird's group have been learning to read and spell some of the phase 4 tricky words.

  • have
  • like
  • some
  • come

They have also been blending words to read and segmenting words to spell, some examples of these words are: spot, trip, twin, swim, smell, clown, flag and frog.

Please remember that phonics is the step up to fluent word recognition. Automatic and effortless reading of all words- decodable and tricky- is our ultimate goal. By repeated sounding and blending of words, children get to know them, and once this happens, they should be encouraged to read them straight off in reading text, rather than continuing to sound them out because they feel that this is what is required. Please continue to support your child using 'silent phonics' for those words that are unfamiliar.

Next week (week commencing 30.4.12)

The tricky word focus will be on were, there, little and one.

The children will be researching the graphemes 'igh' and 'air' and will be encouraged to use a dictionary to find words with these spelling patterns. 




Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Week beginning 23rd April

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the following graphemes:

ay              ou                   ea                 ie                  ir                 oy

Examples include, play, about, seat, tie, girl and toy.

We have also looked at the spellings of the following tricky words:

have, so, said, like, some, come, were and there.

Next week we will be looking at split digraphs.


600 comments and counting.........

Well done Lucy in Year 5 for putting the 600th comment on our Website! We are getting around 100 comments each month from children, parents, governors and teachers about the excellent work taking place here at school. Keep it up and lets try and get to 1000 before the school year finishes. What an achievement that would be! 

Lucy don't forget to come and see me for your prize! 

Mr. Crawford

Class1 newsletter summer term

Download Class 1 summer 12

At the Seaside

Welcome back! This term in Class One our topic is Seasides and we have got lots of fun things planned! We will be looking at holidays from the past, compared to those holidays we have today. We will be reading and writing seaside poems, writing fantasy stories about Aliens on their holidays, playing in our new ice cream shop, making moving pictures for the story of the Light House Keeper's Lunch and much much more. Watch this space for pictures of the children's work and acitivities that they have become involved in.

If possible could your child bring in a photograph taken on a recent holiday to aid discussion in our History lesson this Friday 27th April.

Also if you have anything else at home which you feel may enhance our topic please do not hesitate to send things in:-)


Many thanks!




Class 3 Spellings - week 1

Red Group :- exit, extra, explorer, excited, expense, expert, exactly, explode,        exchange,expand.

Yellow Group :- helpeed, laughed, hissed, sorted, rounded, wanted, waded, lived, greased, turned.

Green Group:- day, say, may, clay, tray, stray, spray, away, crayon, player.