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Phase 5 'ue' grapheme

This week we have been learning to make the correct spelling choices with words using the 'ue' grapheme. Can you read these words and use them to write your own sentences?

clue     blue     glue     true     Sue     issue     tissue     venue     value     pursue     queue   

statue    rescue     argue    

Ue grapheme

A whole school experience!

We would all like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Varnam for organising two ambulances to visit our school. The children were enthusiastic as they learnt about the different equipment and the role that the ambulance plays in an emergency.

Here is a selection of photographs taken during the morning. We are sure you will agree that this type of practical learning is so much fun! Thank you to Andy for allowing us to wear your helmet! :)

  • Ambulance visit 002
  • Ambulance visit 003
  • Ambulance visit 004
  • Ambulance visit 005
  • Ambulance visit 006
  • Ambulance visit 007
  • Ambulance visit 008
  • Ambulance visit 009
  • Ambulance visit 010
  • Ambulance visit 011
  • Ambulance visit 012
  • Ambulance visit 013
  • Ambulance visit 014
  • Ambulance visit 015
  • Ambulance visit 016
  • Ambulance visit 017
  • Ambulance visit 018
  • Ambulance visit 019
  • Ambulance visit 020
  • Ambulance visit 021
  • Ambulance visit 023
Ambulance visit 023



Reading is fun!

We had another fantastic assembly today!

Mr. Wilton from our governors told us about his favourite Non-Fiction books, including the history of Smalley Village.

Mr. Howard, headteacher at Heanor Gate told us how he likes different kinds of books to suit his mood, both Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Both of our visitors told us how much they love reading and the important part it plays in their lives. Thank you so much.

Also, a massive thank you to Mrs. Walton and Class 3 for their stunning play. Thomas from Class 3 had done a super job of writing the play and the acting from the class was brilliant! I am so proud of all your hard work!

Reading is fun!


What an interesting assembly?

We had a brilliant assembly today when 3 members of our community shared their favourite books and their love of reading.

A massive thank you to Mrs. Porter (a school governor), Mr. Blatchly (deputy head at Heanor Gate) and Mrs. Walker (representing the local Church) for their inspirational words and key messages for the children.


Early bird catches the worm.....

We had an amazing turnout this morning with around 40 children arriving at 8:30 to read in the school hall. There was a super atmosphere and as you can see from the pictures it was lovely to see the children engrossed in their books


Thank you to Mrs. Boyles and Mrs. Walton for coming to join us.


  • 009
  • 007
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012
  • 013
  • 014
  • 015
  • 016
  • 017



Money in Class One

In Class One this week we are learning all about money in numeracy. Here are a selection of games  and activities that you can explore at home. Have fun!









Spellings for Friday 2nd March

Kites:  city,   circle,   twice,   dance,   angle,   simple,

Balloons:  circle,   citrus,   entrance,   distance,   crinkle,   thistle

Rockets:  cigarette,  circular,  offence,  announce,  rectangle,  strangle

Tables of the week :  X7

Class 4 Spellings 27/02/2012

Download 27.02.12


High Frequency Words (Key Sight Word Lists)

The attached document is a copy of all of the first 100 and then the next 200 high frequency words.  There is also a copy of how these words are split into the different phases (2-5) as decodable and tricky words.  By the end of phase 5 children should be able to automatically read all the words in the list of 100 high frequency words and accurately spell most of the words in the list of 100 high frequency words.

Please help your child to recognise these words in everyday situations, such as on signs or in their favourite books or magazines.

Many thanks.

Download High frequency words First100 and 200

Are you a 'Letters and Sounds' superstar reader?


Have a go at reading and practising these high-frequency (common) words. How quickly can you read through them?

Download 100 high-frequency words in order