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Celebrating our work in Class 2

Congratulations to our children in 'Gold Book' and a super big thank you to all the children in class 2 for their tremendous efforts in sharing and learning together.

Everyone works so hard!

  • Dinosaur models and gold book 004
  • Dinosaur models and gold book 001
Dinosaur models and gold book 001



Class 4 Weather Homework

Well done Class 4 for surprising me with the wonderful topic homework you have produced.  Thank you to all the parents who took time to help gather the information and put together such interesting and colourful work.  I will be setting another task to keep you all busy over the holidays, but in the meantime, here are some examples of the work for you to enjoy.



  • 100_1598
  • 100_1599
  • 100_1600
  • 100_1601



Class 4 Goes 3D!

Class 4 have been working very hard with 3D shapes in Numeracy this term.  Here are some photos of the children getting hands-on to explore the properties of 3D shapes.



  • 100_1579
  • 100_1580
  • 100_1582
  • 100_1585
  • 100_1590
  • 100_1593
  • 100_1594



Class 4 Spellings 30/01/12

Download 30.01.12


Class One had their first spelling test today and they have obviously been working so hard on them at home because their results have been fantastic!!! Well done Class One I am so proud of you all!



Spellings for Friday 3rd February

Kites:  happiest,   prettiest,   silliest,   luckiest,   windiest

Balloons:   flashiest,  riskiest,  foggiest,   spottiest,   funniest,  sunniest

Rockets:  messiest,  frilliest,   bossiest,   muddiest,   silliest, chilliest


Practical Science in Year 6

  • Maths and science 019
  • Maths and science 024
  • Maths and science 020
  • Maths and science 016
  • Maths and science 015
  • Maths and science 022
  • Maths and science 021
Maths and science 021


Last week class 6 were involved in practical science activities all about forces. The children learnt about air resistance and up thrust in water. They particularly enjoyed all the water activities, as you can see! Well done Class 6!

Parents Coffee Morning

Thank You to the parents that stayed behind for a cup of tea and a chat this morning. A massive thank you also to Mrs. Barnes for the lovely homemade biscuits and organising the tea/coffee. We hope to hold this event monthly and will try and find a day/time suitable for as many of you as possible. The school nurse hopes to be available to attend these as well to meet you and answer any queries. 

Class 3 Spellings - week 4

Red Group :-    wrestled, wrapper, wreckage, wriggle, wrinkle, knives, kneaded,

                               knuckle, knight, knowledge,


Blue Group:-      know,  knew,  knee,  knit,  knight,  wrap,  write, wren, 

                                 wreck, wrong.


Yellow Group:-      sight,  tight,  fight,  light,  height,  bright,  right, might, flight,

                                       night .


Green Group:-        limp, lamp, hump, damp, champ, camp, lost, cost, fast, nest.


Sentences to be completed for Thursday.



PTFA Meeting Tuesday 31st January 2012

Our first meeting of 2012 will be held in the top school at 7pm everyone is welcome.  If you would like to help out, have new fund raising ideas or just want to come along and listen then please feel free.  Hope you can make it

Jayne & Rachel