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Spellings for Friday 4th November

Kites:                                                        Balloons:                                           Rockets:

tension                                                    vision                                                 permission

version                                                    television                                        profession

passion                                                    revision                                           comprehension

percussion                                            division                                            explosion

pension                                                  decision                                           invasion

                                                                  erosion                                             conclusion

                                                                  mansion                                           television

                                                                 session                                              persuasion


Class 2 - Granny's Cottage

Download Y 2 homework project Oct 2011

PTFA Meeting - Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that there will be a short meeting Tuesday 1st November at 7:00pm to discuss arrangements for the Christmas Fayre. Please note that the meeting will be held in The Bell Pub next door instead of at School. We will meet inside and whoever gets there first please grab a table and seats!


Toys, toys, toys! History in Class One!


As a part of our History unit we are going to be looking at toys today compared to those in the past. If possible could your child bring in one of their favorite toys to school on Wednesday 2nd November to share with the rest of the class. (Please ensure that their chosen toy is not breakable or valuable!)

I will also be asking the children to find out what toys their parents and grandparents used to play with so if you have any stories, photographs or toys from the past to share with your children at home that would be fantastic.

Thank you:-)

Design and Technology in Class One. We need your help!


Class One are going to be designing and making plagrounds during this term and we are going to need plenty of empty boxes, containers, card, kitchen roll tubes, etc to help us make our playgrounds. If you could send your children with anything that could help us with our project that would be fantastic! Many thanks:-)

I shall look forwards to posting the finished playgrounds on the website when they are completed!


Class 3 Spellings - due in 3rd November

Red Group:-                         Yellow Group:-                        Green Group:-                    

brave                             shop - shopping                 coat

parade                           run - running                     loaf

chocolate                       hop - hopping                    road

display                           walk - walked                    soap

holiday                           talk - talked                     dear

afraid                            smile - smiling                   hear

again                             drive - driving                   year

brain                             wave - waving                    boil

sleigh                            copy - copied                    coin

weigh                            tidy - tidied                      soil




Happy Half Term

Happy half term Class 5, don't forget to fill those shoeboxes!

Keep safe, have fun, see you on Monday 31st October!

Mrs Boyles

Link Romania Shoebox Appeal

This year Smalley School are supporting Link Romania Family Shoebox Appeal which is an annual charity event where people can fill a shoebox full of family gifts and bring smiles & excitement to many people less fortunate than themselves living in Eastern Europe this Christmas.

All the children bought a letter and leaflet home last Friday detailing the event.  It would be lovely if lots of us at Smalley School could support this wonderful appeal and fill a shoebox over half term. What a fun activity to share with your children during the holiday!

 The leaflet gives all the information you will need to complete your shoebox and return it to School no later than Tuesday 1st November. Don't forget to attach your £2 towards transportation costs.  Click appeal to visit the Link Romania website.

Let's deliver lots of boxes of smiles to those less fortunate than us this Christmastime.  Happy shoebox filling!

Thank you for supporting Link Romania Christmas Shoebox

Mrs Boyles



Monster Party (Class 2)

 Thank you Year 2 for another super day. We are all so proud of you. You sat brilliantly in our Harvest Assembly and worked together during our team games this afternoon.

Have a restful week and take care during the half term holidays.

Monster party

Harvest Assembly

Thank you so much to all the Parents that attended the Harvest Assembly, we definitely need a bigger hall!  We raised £180 which will help sponsor 2 children in Gambia and go towards Children in Need. I am sure you will agree the children's performances were superb and it is lovely to see so much excellent work going on in our school.