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Year 6 spellings - week 3


light, sight, might, bright, flight, delight, knight, height, fortnight, lightning.



because, however, while, therefore, whenever, whatever, although, meanwhile, whoever, alternatively.

Healthy Menus in our Brain Buster Homework Books This Week

Another wonderful week of homework in class 5. A healthy balanced meal was asked for and look what Class 5 produced!

29 9 2011 028 

29 9 2011 030 

29 9 2011 033 

29 9 2011 032 

29 9 2011 029 

RE Day in Class 5

What a fantastic busy day we have had learning all about the Islam religion and the Muslim way of life.  We've made our very own temple showing the 5 Pillars of Islam, take a look at the picture below!  We've had so much fun making our own prayer mats, Qu'ran stands, Id Cards and even having ago at writing in Arabic.  Thank you Class 5 for working so hard, enjoy the photos below and see if you can recognise any of your work.

29 9 2011 016 

29 9 2011 026 

29 9 2011 018 

29 9 2011 017 

29 9 2011 013 

Newsletter 30 September 2011

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Chairs Report 2010 - 2011

Download Chairs report 2010 2011

Getting ready for Friday....

Class Two or Professional Chefs?

Chefs hat 002 

Parents Consultations October 2011

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Recording Stars!


This week the children in year two have been learning to use commas in a list. They have completed lots of activities and even recorded themselves....... we hope you enjoy listening to their sentences.

 Download Our objective- commas in a list

Download Sylvie

Download Aimee

Download Ellie

Download Elliot

Download Keira

World War 2

A brilliant website to access at home is on BBC schools- World war 2-lots of great pictures ,sounds & interactive bits!

Artists in Class One

We are learning how to draw portraits in Class One. We have started by looking at our eyes in a mirror. Look at these fantastic eyes drawn by Lilia, Lewis and Alyssa! Well done to everyone in Class One for concentrating so hard in your Art lesson!