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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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Feeling inspired ...

I saw these beautiful books in an amazing museum in Rome while on holiday and I can’t wait to share them with you Year 4! They, and the exhibition, are awe-inspiring and have given me ideas for an exciting new learning programme in art focussing on the incredible Leonardo da Vinci: a man brilliant beyond his time - an artist, scientist, inventor, anatomist and predictor of the future, with his flying machines, tanks and giant walking men!


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When in Rome ...

Researching our Ancient Rome topic whilst on holiday and can’t wait to investigate it with you Year 4!



Le petit dejeuner pour la classe 6

To wish our Year 6 children au revoir et bon chance, they enjoyed a surprise French breakfast this Friday morning. In a cafe style ambience, they enjoyed some croissants and pastries and judging by the empty plates, it went down a treat! 

Gold book assembly

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As part of the last Gold Book assembly of this school year, we bid a final farewell to our Year 6 leavers and thanked them for their superb work as buddies throughout the year, to our Reception class children. 

We also welcomed back one of our former pupils, who had been a buddy to a current Year 6 pupil and it was lovely to see them reunited once more.  What a wonderful way to end the academic year! 


Year 4 Reward Day

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We had a fabulous day with Year 4 yesterday - we spent the morning baking (I hope you enjoyed the Rocky Road as it looked and smelled amazing!) and we visited the park in the afternoon as the children had earned their rewards. We had a fun, and well deserved, treat in the sunshine... followed by yummy ice-creams! Thank you Year 4 for all your hard work all year- you’ve been a pleasure to teach and I’ll miss you next year!



Time for drinks !


Yr 6 Bike Ride

Ready for the off 😊BAC1E3EF-7E01-4C10-9628-ACFC0358B5CA

Yr 6 Bike Ride

Ready for the off 😊BAC1E3EF-7E01-4C10-9628-ACFC0358B5CA

Singing at Eastwood Hall.

Last week almost 40 singers from Key Stage 2 went to sing at Eastwood Hall. We were invited to sing at the Derbyshire Headteachers Conference to provide pre-dinner entertainment. 

The children arrived for a quick rehearsal with some professional musicians.The band was made up of piano, drums, bass guitar and trumpet. 

After a quick drink from the hotel they were ready to perform -and perform they did! They sang 9 songs including Food, Glorious Food , Somewhere Out There, a Remembrance medley, Can you feel the love tonight? and We are the Young -our school song. There were some fabulous solos from Lara, Elena and Grace.

The children had learnt the songs so sang without words, performed actions  and smiled throughout- I could not have been prouder of them -they were amazing! 

I spent that evening and the next day of the conference with Headteachers from all over the county and  Senior Advisers telling me how impressed they were with our children! Some said it was inspirational and others spoke about the children’s commitment to excellence, their whole demeanour and their professional singing!

We have received letters in school and I have shared these with the children. I’m sure they understand how proud they made me feel but I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents who took their children to Eastwood Hall and dressed them beautifully in our school uniform-they were so well presented and a credit to you all -Thank you.

It was a wonderful experience for the children and it was a pleasure to take them out of school and sing at such a prestigious event . 

Below are a few photographs from the rehearsal.....


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  Congratulations to our Smalley singers !        

   Mrs Mason. 

Awesome Astronauts

Class R used their amazing cutting skills to make these awesome astronauts! 4FE55F54-E468-485E-A8E7-63F6762F271D