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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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Year 6 Dodgeball

Some of our Year 6 children recently took part in an AVSSP Cluster event, held at Heanor Leisure Centre. Two teams competed against 13 other teams in a mini league format and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as always, worked as a team to support each other. 

Thank you to all our supporters for coming , on a busy night, and to Mrs Drury for her help. 

Well done to all the children, brilliant effort all round! 7B8EA1B0-DEC9-4509-A159-15D03116CE4C EB420EA0-6531-46A1-B406-9392B0DD416A A303C794-E535-4B73-8242-3B80BFC81476

Happy Half Term!

Sooty and Sweep! 

Last week Mason inspired us to hold a puppet show by sharing his love of Sooty and Sweep! Here are the children enjoying playing puppet shows in class. We had an alternative take on The Very Hungry Caterpillar from Max and Mason. 

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The Big Playground!!!

We are getting so grown up now in Class R and will soon be having our playtimes on the big playground with Year 1 and 2. As it was such a beautiful day on Friday we thought we could enjoy the sunshine and the big open space! 

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Thank you Class R for a super half term. Have a lovely break and see you soon! 


End of term fun

This term the children in Class 1 have been learning about the United Kingdom. They have worked very hard, locating each of the four countries on a map, listening to the national anthems, finding out lots of facts and sharing their own personal experiences.

To celebrate the end of this topic we have been doing lots of fun things. We have listened to traditional music and had a go at Morris dancing and highland dancing - we all decided that it is much more difficult than it looks but lots of fun! The children particularly enjoyed watching highlights from last year’s Scottish Highland Games whilst eating a piece of shortbread - they got so excited when one contestant managed to flip the caber right over! We have also tried Welsh cakes, Irish soda bread and English scones with jam and cream. To finish the week we will be playing some traditional games from each country.

Although this is the end of our topic on the United Kingdom, we would still like the children to tell us about the places they visit in the UK during the holidays and at weekends so that we can find them on the map. Photographs and postcards would also be much appreciated to add to our display.



Year 5 Open Evening St John Houghton Academy

Please click  here to view details of St John Houghton's Year 5 Open Evening on Wednesday 13th March.

If you would like to attend please contact Mrs Bounds in the school office before Friday 8th March, as St John Houghton would like a rough idea of numbers.

The lovely Class R

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What a super morning I’ve had in Class R -lots of learning and lots of fun too! 😊
Mrs Mason. 

Year 2 - Twycross Zoo Trip

Year 2 Twycross Zoo - Please click here to read your child's letter regarding the trip to Twycross Zoo.

Half term holiday shape challenge

Remember the patterns that the cuboid bricks made when I went to Hodsock Priory at the weekend?


During the holiday, what 3D shapes can you find whilst you're out and about.  What patterns do they make?

Make a comment below with what you found - good luck!  

There's a merit for your comment - thank you.

Thank you Florence Nightingale

What a great time we have had this term, putting on our historian hats and learning all about the reasons that Florence Nightingale became famous.

We have used lots of different sources to find the evidence, including photos, medical reports, paintings and artefacts.  Today we finished our enquiry by watching this video with Magic Grandad.

We asked ourselves the question - 'Why is it important to pass on the correct history?' and 'What could happen if we did not pass on the correct history?'.  

Can you remember what Magic Grandad said?

Have another look at the video to find out:


Thank you for your enthusiasm children - you have learnt lots!

Blessed with talent

Thank you so much - you made me smile as I came through the hall at the end of assembly today.  How lucky we are to hear such lovely talent - thank you.



3D shapes


Here is a great video which helps us to think about naming and recognising the 3D shapes: