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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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Opening of our School to all Pupils on 8th March 2021

Please click here to view important information from Mrs Mason regarding the reopening of school to all pupils on Monday 8th March 2021.


Class 4 Star of the week- 05/03/21


I would like to congratulate you all on achieving star of the week, you have all worked extremely hard during this challenging time, put so much effort into your work, showing your smiley faces onto our meets each day and deserve to be rewarded so a MASSIVE well done. 😁😁😁😁😁😁

World Book Day 2021

Please click here to view a letter to Parents 

Please click here to view the online Scholastic Book Fair and order form - available to order from Wednesday 3rd March 2021 - Wednesday 10th March 2021.

The Embark Award.

We have relaunched this post from October, as the Embark Award is a unique, special award for our academy of schools and whilst we are at home, we could still be working towards achieving the goals.  There are activities and experiences that we can't or must not do at the moment, but there are many that we can -  We think that many of us could do number 25 on 'Family' after last weekend's snow!  Please contact your class teacher children with a photograph/video of you achieving your goals and we will be able to award the stickers into your folders for when you return into school.

Good luck!


The Embark Award is part of the Trust’s wider offer to our children here at Richardson Endowed. 

Your child has been given a folder in school with 100 activities in to enable them to access a number of experiences before they leave us at age 11. 

The Embark Award is designed such that the children can carry out the activities at home or in school . They are linked to our core beliefs of Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success! 
If you feel your child has achieved one of the activities please send evidence, such as a photograph, to Google Classroom where they will be given the appropriate sticker to mark off their achievement in their luxury folder. 

We hope that in the future folders will be able to come back and forth between home and school but at this time it is not possible. Therefore, please refer to all the information below, which is from the folder in school.

The EMBARK Award (Please click on this link here to access the full details of the award.)

The children are so excited about this new project so please encourage and enjoy some new experiences together. 


Saving our Environment - Spring term learning


Welcome back to the Spring Term and our brand new whole school and Embark theme of 'Saving the Environment'.

Each class has a special book(s) to inspire this term's learning  - we can't wait to see this term's work blossom, hopefully just like the beautiful tree on our school driveway.

Chick read
Please dive into your class book and explore the potential that it holds - please comment below with thoughts, feelings, facts and ideas about your book so far - at the end of the term - all comments will go into a prize pot and a prize winner will be picked at random - good luck!

Here are the front covers of all of the class books - aren't they beautiful?  Front covers are so exciting, but wait until you get inside!


PTFA Challenge 300

In 2021, Richardson Endowed Primary School is 300 years old!

The PTFA would like you to help us celebrate, and we invite all children to take part in our ​Challenge​300.


Please click on the below links for more information:

Download Challenge 300 Letter to parents (2) - Bank details details now correct (13/2/21)

Download Challenge 300 form - Bank details now correct (13/2/21)

Challenge 300 Poster 

Happy Half Term Class 3!

Well…we did it! Together we made it to half term and I couldn’t be prouder!

6 weeks ago, we sat together in the classroom and I asked you all to think of a word; a word in which you wanted to be; a word in which you were to become by the end of the year. The words you gave me amazed me; made me stop and think.

‘I want to be confident’, ‘I want to be unstoppable’, ‘I want to be courageous’ and ‘I want to be kind’.

As a teacher, I saw the determination and dedication in your eyes and knew you meant it, that you were going to give everything you could to become that word. Then the announcement came. Many of you asleep in bed, not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring…

We all awoke; fed up, frightened, unsure and saddened by yet another lockdown BUT, did you let that stop your determination and dedication to becoming your word… NO YOU DID NOT! You gave 100% towards everything, you never gave up and you did it all with a smile; a smile that got you, your parents, grandparents and me through each day. You did it in style Class 3 along with excellent work, superb attitudes, lots of laughs and sometimes tears but most importantly you did it together! As a class, you supported each other, congratulating and applauding one another and sharing this time together, something which has made the whole experience much easier, brighter and happier. You all have achieved so many things you never thought possible. You have written your own fairy tales, fables and stories; you have learnt about multiplication, division and statistics; you have walked like an Egyptian; you have made your own moving book all about Egypt; you have become scientists and experimented light; you have continued to learn another language; you have become your chosen word. In a time where things should have been difficult and near impossible, you have become unstoppable, courageous, confident, kind and so much more. As a class, you have defied expectation and shown just how special and wonderful you all are – thank you!


Miss Williams

Class 3 - We are1024_1


Class 4 Design and Technology Masterpieces

I'm so impressed with Year 4's wind chimes that I just had to share! We've analysed wind chimes, designed and made our own, both at home and school, and the children's efforts are phenomenal! A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have supported at home too! Our DT project developed a wide range of skills and linked with our theme and book 'Make More Noise!' I am a thrilled and very proud teacher! Here are a few of the final products. Well done indeed everyone!

Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime

Holly W Wind Chime

Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime
Holly W Wind Chime

Childrens Mental Health Week 1st - 7th February 2021

Please click here to view a letter to parents from school.

From 1-7 February 2021, we’re taking part in Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week.
This year’s theme is Express
Place2Be has created activities and resources to help children (and adults) to explore the different ways that
they can share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.
There are lots of resources on the Children’s Mental Health Week website that you can use with your child at home; including activity ideas, tips for parents and carers, and an online assembly which will be available from Monday 1 February.






PTFA Newsletter January 2021

Please click here to view the latest Newsletter from the PTFA. 29.01.2021

Newsletter 28th January 2021

Please click here to view the latest school newsletter from Mrs Mason. 28.01.2021