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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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Mmmmmm 5 a day!

SourceClass 2 had a wonderful time making a 'Fruity Fruit Salad' this afternoon.

Children had the opportunity to try lots of different fruits including pears, apples, bananas, kiwi, nectarines, raspberries, strawberries, satsumas, grapes, pineapple, plums and even rhubarb from Mrs Reckless' garden! The children learned how to prepare the fruit either by washing it, peeling it or destoning it; the children also learned the importance of being super safe and sensible when cutting fruit with a knife and learned how to chop and cut safely. The smell was heavenly!

The two big bowls of fruit were devoured and enjoyed at the end of the day.  Thank you for all of the fruit contributions, what a wonderful team effort. Thank you.


Shared Vision

Thank you to the new school council reps for attending our shared vision meeting. Your contribution to the future of our school is very valued. You all had some brilliant ideas! You remembered so many of our achievements over the last year especially winning the Gregg Cup!Hope you enjoyed the sweet treats and juice.  D37997F5-5328-4B41-8F18-2671D121C6CA

Please help us and name all of your child’s uniform.

We have an abundance of unnamed uniform in our lost property box already. Please help us to return it to the rightful owner by naming all uniform with permanent pen or name labels. Thank you. A7FE9813-D506-4028-80DA-F9D4A75EEB32

Looking for signs of Autumn

Class R had a wonderful Autumnal walk today looking for signs that Autumn is here. We put our coats and wellington boots on and headed outside. We saw the changing leaves and fallen leaves, some conkers, acorns, berries and some interesting fungi. We collected the leaves and things that were safe, but took photos of the berries and fungi as we knew not to touch them. We noticed that the field was very wet with morning dew and as we were walking we were leaving a trail! Last of all we had a race across the field back and left lots and lots of footprints. Well done Class R, a super day starting our next 2 weeks of Autumn learning. 

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Fun day Friday

What a fun day we had in Class 1! 

Great teamwork in our PE lesson and in the afternoon the children worked independently to paint dinosaurs and mix their own colours. 39D7964D-F415-40B9-8E1E-4F444E4B771C

Looking for invertebrates

Class 4 went searching for invertebrates in the school grounds today. They discovered many more exciting wonders besides....


Harvest pumpkins

So much learning gained from the question "Please can we carve a pumpkin?".  

Well done children, thank you for exploring all the pumpkin had to offer you this morning.

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Sharing our apple poetry 11/10/19

The children have been working hard in groups to create their own repeating poem called 'Are Apples Ordinary?'.  Here we are sharing our hard work with our friends.


Gold Book 11/10/19


Autumn art

Year 4 have been using printing to create autumn leaves for our new display. We printed using the leaves themselves and experimented with mixing and blending colour.