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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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Book Fair 2018

Book fair

A very BIG thank you to all the children, parents, grandparents, carers, teaching assistants and teachers who attended our travelling book fair over the last week.  It was wonderful to feel the buzz and excitement for the books on the shelves.  The children's faces were full of smiles as they glanced over all of the books that were on offer.  For some children it was very hard to choose which one to have and for some they zoomed in for the book they had had their eye on for a while!

As you can see from our poster, from our sales, we have been able to choose nearly £500 worth of brand new books for the children to enjoy in school - BRILLIANT!


If your child didn't get chance to visit the book fair this time, then they will have been given a £1 book voucher towards the cost of a book at your local book shop today.  The details on where you can spend the voucher are on the back of it.

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be dressing up.......

World book day

Look forward to seeing you in your costumes tomorrow for World Book day - Smalley style!

Thank you!


Look at the new sport that we are trying out in P.E!

Thank you Mr Willdig!

Letters and Sounds phase 6

With Mr Barwise, the children have been learning about the 'o' phoneme after a letter w and how often it's spelt with an 'a':Image



Children with Mrs Reckless have been starting to practise some dictionary skills.  Here are a few fun games to try:






Friday 2nd March 2018

Just to inform you all that we have taken the decision to keep school closed again tomorrow. The outlook for the morning is very cold and we have made this decision in line with our local cluster of schools. Thank you for your support and understanding that our first priority is always the safety of your children. 

Miss Tulley to the rescue!

Look at the photo I received from Miss Tulley today!  Can you guess what it is and where it has come from?




It's from the water feeder that our chickens drink from!  Miss Tulley has been keeping a special eye on the hens at her house and also on the water situation.  The chickens must have fresh water at all times and these containers had frozen solid twice today.  Miss Tulley has emptied and then refilled them with warm water. Thank you Miss Tulley, you're a Super Chicken Carer and the hens love you for it! xx

Here's one of my favourite photographs from warmer times!


Happy hens!

Brrrrrr! I hope that you have all enjoyed the snow today. It has been very, very cold... because of the forecast the school hens have been staying at my house so that I can regularly check their water and feed. Today they have had a big bowl of spaghetti to warm them up 😋 and some fresh (warm!) water. It was too cold for the chickens to have some exercise outside of their coop but they still got chance to experience the snow when they pecked it off my wellies! 


Phase 2 with Mrs Evans

Practising blending for reading.

Here are some suggested words to use: mop,cat,man,sat,tap

We display the word with sound buttons underneath then they sound talk the word. Remember to do this when reading your reading book too. Keep working hard! 

Snow Day

Hope all the children in Class R are having a great day in the snow! Take lots of photographs and bring them into school to share with everyone. 

Here are a few ideas:

Building a snowman, looking for footprints from animals and birds, sledging, building an igloo, snowballing, making a snow angel. Whatever you do enjoy it!  3A765239-3D7C-4A79-8663-C2C8FA4D6AED

Oxford Owl


Calling all Parents and Carers,

 To celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY and as a reminder of this super resource - here is a link to Oxford Owl, which allows you to read and share 250 free online books, ranging from age 3 up to age 11.

All you need to do is register (join us) with an email address  (this is free) and then follow the link to the ebooks; lots of the books have fun, helpful activities to enjoy too.

Please click on the link to register:




Let us know what you think by commenting below - did you find it useful?

Happy reading!



Warming us up on World Book Day!


Hello everyone in Class 2 - have you been out to play in the beautiful, crisp snow yet?  Have you built a snowman and climbed aboard your sledge?  How many icicles have you seen hanging from the guttering? Who has been cosy in their pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow from the window?  


Whatever you're up to today, enjoy making those memories that stay with you forever - I love it when it snows as it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I love to remember what I loved to do when it was white over.


You know how we loved writing our 'Joy is.....' poem - well I thought it would be lovely to write one called 'Snow is.....' and write about all those things that snow makes us feel, makes us think about, makes us picture in our minds, lets us experience.  I think I'd start mine with.....


SNOW IS.....

Snow is the wonder of fresh, untrodden snow,

Snow is building the tallest, friendliest snowman,

Snow is a crunchy, orange carrot for a nose,

Snow is the beautiful, dangling icicles hanging in the air,


Bring them into school and we'll design a snowy display with all of your creations.



Here's my book I'm going to be starting today and one of my gorgeous cats - Phoenix.  I bought my book especially for World Book Day 2018.  What are you reading today to celebrate the wonder of books.  Make a comment below to share your book and the author.  Let us know what you think about it and how many marks out of 10 you'd give it.



Fancy a maths game?  Here are some links to the games we love playing in class and a few new ones to try:






I've been watching the seagulls fly overhead and I've been to put some seed and fresh water out for them, as they struggle to find food in weather like this.  Do you have any birds to feed in your garden?


Please keep safe and warm and I look forward to hearing all about your snow adventures when we get back to school.

From Mrs Reckless x