Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Meet the Staff

Mr. Crawford
Mr. Crawford Headteacher
Mrs. Mason
Mrs. Mason Deputy headteacher
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith Class R Teacher
Miss. Tulley
Miss. Tulley Class 1 Teacher
Mrs. Reckless
Mrs. Reckless Class 2 Teacher
Mrs. Rawlings
Mrs. Rawlings Class 3 Teacher
Mr. Redmond
Mr. Redmond Class 4 Teacher
Mrs. Macdonald
Mrs. Macdonald Class 5 Teacher
Mr. Redgrave
Mr. Redgrave Class 6 Teacher
Mrs. Evans
Mrs. Evans Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Drury
Mrs. Drury Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Hull
Mrs. Hull Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Shelton
Mrs. Shelton Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Shaw
Mrs. Shaw Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Lockley
Miss. Lockley Teaching Assistant
Miss. Longdon
Miss. Longdon Teaching assistant/Senior
Mrs. Hird
Mrs. Hird Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Hudson
Mrs. Hudson School Business Manager
Mrs. Annable
Mrs. Annable Cook Supervisor
Ms. Warren
Ms. Warren Cook Supervisor
Mrs. Maviejvwski
Mrs. Maviejvwski Cook Supervisor
Mr. Sheppard
Mr. Sheppard Site Supervisor