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Golfing - after school club


Look at this action shot!

For part of the session, the children played

what looked like crazy golf today!

What a shot!



En Garde!

It was a real privilege to watch our children take part in a Fencing Competition tonight. Children from Kilburn and Smalley joined together to put the skills they have learned at Fencing Club into practice. 

The children demonstrated a huge amount of skill and sportsmanship which was great to see. 

The competition was incredibly close but Kilburn pipped Smalley to the title and have a lovely cup to display in school.

There was a great turnout from parents and grandparents and everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you all for your support.

Thanks also to Premier Sport for organising the event. 

Enjoy the pictures below! 



First Aid

Thank you so much Mr Barwise for running the after school First Aid course for some of the Year 6 children.

I have been so impressed with how the children have risen to the responsibility of learning these important life skills.  Thank you Mr Barwise for resourcing and running this club - your passion for the subject is very evident.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.



Mr Barwise purchased all of the equipment that was needed for the sessions.  He has a crowd funding page.  If anyone would like to see this please follow the link.  Many thanks.https://www.gofundme.com/educating-children-in-first-aid

Fancy a game of Chess?

Mr Barwise, one of our students from Derby University, has set up a fantastic Chess Club.  It runs every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in Class 2.  There's such a buzz for the game.

Thank you so much Mr Barwise - how exciting!


Basketball practice with our Embark friends at Kilburn!

It was a privilege to watch children from both Embark schools practice their Basketball skills earlier in the week.

Thank you Mr Whiteman and Mrs Shaw for making this happen and to all parents for helping with transport.

File 14-12-2017  20 26 43

Handball practice for Embark Federation!

I was lucky to watch a fantastic Handball session after school which was our first inter-school session for children at Smalley and Kilburn. 

This was a great chance to link together as two schools and practice before the competition in a couple of weeks time. This will hopefully give the children a slight advantage over the other schools attending but more importantly have fun and make friends with others from the Embark Family.

A huge thank you to Mr Whiteman and Mrs Shaw for organising this and we are looking forward to the next inter school sports session in December. 

Well done children and good luck in the competition. 


Grubby Club - week four finale!

What fun! Thank you everyone!



Grubby Club - week 3!

A lovely evening to be outside!



Smalley's Summer Show 2017

Well done children, what a super show.

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.



Tag Rugby 2016!

It was a privilege to attend tonight's Tag Rugby competition and watch the skill, determination and teamwork of our year 5 and 6 pupils. They played really well, scored some wonderful team tries and came third in their group.

A huge thank you to Mrs Shaw as always for organising the team and to our parents and grandparents who braved the cold to support the team!

Well done to all, I hope Wales show as much skill this Saturday!

Tag Rugby 2016!