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Class R

Team work reading and spelling!



In Class R, 1 and 2 we are all working together to learn how to read and spell all of the tricky words from our phonic and English lessons.  These are those words that don't follow the normal segmenting and blending way of reading.  We help the children to recognise these by sight.

In Class R, the children are working hard on the Phase 2 words.

In Class 1, the children are working hard on the 3 & 4 words.

In Class 2, the children are working hard on the Phase 5 and the Year 2 exception words.

Tricky-Word-mini-book-marks-or-word-banks-pdf-1024x724 T-L-5089-Common-Exception-Words-Years-1-and-2-Word-Mat_ver_1

Please help your child to read and spell these words.

Many thanks

The Early Years and Key Stage 1 Team

Keeping toasty warm in December

For the beginning of December we enjoyed a lovely treat of warm toast to start out day! 

IMG_6394 IMG_6393 IMG_6392

Independent snack time

This week in Class R we have started our new independent snack time. The children can choose when they would like their snack and help themselves. It's brilliant to see everyone being independent. First we have to find our name card, pop it in the basket, choose our fruit, take our milk from the fridge and then enjoy a snack and chat at our snack stop. 

We have also been talking about where our fruit has travelled from each day. We have a world map on the wall so that we can see the fruit's journey before it ends up in our tummy! Today our clementines were from Spain and the pears were from Belgium.



Toy Story!

IMG_6069 IMG_6068

As part of Class R's new topic 'At the Cinema', we have been learning all about Toy Story. This week we have created our own painted alien and written about our toy that we brought to school on Friday. What super work!


Our Harvest thanksgiving

Well done to all the children and staff involved in our special Harvest assembly today. Our hall was packed with warmth as we shared our special Harvest message; every  child, from our youngest to our oldest, did their best to share our important message. 


Thank you to the Year Two children who led our assembly today. You did yourselves so proud;all that practising, loud voices, team work and belief that you could do it - well done. 

It was wonderful to have a full hall today. Thank you for supporting us.

 With your kind donations, we raised £233.21 for The British Red Cross charity which will go towards helping the Caribbean children affected by the recent hurricanes. Thank you so very much. 


Happy half term. 

Grubby Club - week four finale!

What fun! Thank you everyone!



Grubby Club - week 3!

A lovely evening to be outside!



Meeting our buddies!

Class R had a wonderful time meeting their buddies. 

Buddies from Miss Tulley on Vimeo.


Autumn Walk

What a beautiful day for an Autumn walk! Class R got their wellies, boots and coats on ready to look for the signs of Autumn on our walk. We found some beautiful leaves, berries, fungi, conkers and acorns. We had to think carefully about what we should and shouldn't touch as we saw lots of prickly leaves, berries and fungi and we talked about why we shouldn't touch everything we see. 

For the very last part of our walk we enjoyed an exhilarating run all the way across the field! 

Take a look at us on our walk and the things that we saw and found! 

IMG_5484 IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5481 IMG_5482 IMG_5483 IMG_5485