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Class 6

Our Boogie Beat and Smalley Hall partnership

Unknown Smalley-Hall
After lunch on Friday, 15 of the children from Class R walked down to Smalley Hall residential home to meet Becky from Boogie Beat and some of the residents and carers from Smalley Hall.

The children participated in a music and story session all about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  The children learnt to sign characters and objects from the story as well as sing all about the goats.  The residents also joined in, using the instruments and singing the songs; the residents loved seeing the children.

After the session, using the Derby Rocks that the residents had painted, the children went into the newly developed courtyard and found all 19 rocks. The children then had fun hiding them on the way back to school.  We all enjoyed a light refreshment before heading back to school. 

The children were an absolute credit to our school, they listened so well, were very polite and participated in all of the activities.

We look forward to our partnership continuing and we are looking forward to next month already. 



The Cup of Courage


Can you remember why the girls received the Eddy Parry Cup of Courage

in our Gold Book assembly today?



Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you ๐Ÿ˜Š


Year 6 Yoga Buddies


In preparation for the upcoming SATS in May, our Year 6 relaxed with some Yoga this morning,  learning some valuable breathing techniques and yoga postures. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and look forward to repeating them again in the next few weeks. Thank you to our Yoga teacher, Mrs Smith too for a very pleasant morning. Namaste! 

Competition spotting!

I spotted this!


A chance to design a national book token and win prizes! 


Easter holiday sunshine!

Happy Easter holidays from the school hens! Here they are enjoying the lovely sunshine... the sunshine gives them a great opportunity to preen themselves and have a dustbath. It also makes them feel relaxed as you can see ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Thank You!

I would like to say a huge Thank You to Mr Redgrave, Mr Remond and Mrs Shaw for providing such wonderful care for our children this week.

They gave up time from their own loved ones and gave such wonderful support to the Year 6โ€™s. 




Flying high at PGL!

Can you spot Mr Redmond and his group flying high at PGL on the High Ropes? 


Row, row, row your boat!


Mrs Shaw and I had a wonderful afternoon,watching our children showcase their skills on the canoes. Enjoy the pictures! 



Wow! Class R had some very special visitors today! We found 2 smooth newts in our outdoor area. How fantastic that we have amazing wildlife visiting us- we are very lucky! We are now going to use these visitors to inspire learning. 

See if you can find out some facts about smooth newts and comment below. 

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