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Class 5

Liam conquers Mount Snowdon for Gold September

It was a real pleasure to lead Gold Book assembly at the beginning of the month as we had a special presentation to make. 

Liam in Class 5 had managed to walk up Mount Snowdon, the highest in Wales, to raise money for Gold September charity which is very close to all our hearts at Smalley. 

He raised a massive £301 and presented the cheque to trustees of the charity Mrs Longdon, Mrs Evans and myself.

It was lovely to welcome Liam's family to the assembly on this special occasion. I have since handed the cheque over and everyone at Gold September are very appreciative of such a kind gesture. 




Year 5 English

This morning, Year 5 got into character to help with their creative writing challenge to compose their own magical story. The children completed knightly quests deep in our playground forest and feasted on a sumptuous banquet in the Great Hall to celebrate, after which we knighted Sir Mason, Sir Dylan, Sir Alfie, Dame Lily and Dame Elena as our Knights of the Long Table for their chivalry and gallantry! Now noble knights, I look forward to wonderful writing!




Year 5 practical maths lesson

This morning, Year 5 made the most of the Autumn sunshine and created Venn diagrams outside using hoops and criteria to explore the relationship between numbers, patterns and multiples. Earn a merit and a prize children by posting a comment about what you learned!



Our Harvest thanksgiving

Well done to all the children and staff involved in our special Harvest assembly today. Our hall was packed with warmth as we shared our special Harvest message; every  child, from our youngest to our oldest, did their best to share our important message. 


Thank you to the Year Two children who led our assembly today. You did yourselves so proud;all that practising, loud voices, team work and belief that you could do it - well done. 

It was wonderful to have a full hall today. Thank you for supporting us.

 With your kind donations, we raised £233.21 for The British Red Cross charity which will go towards helping the Caribbean children affected by the recent hurricanes. Thank you so very much. 


Happy half term. 

Grubby Club - week four finale!

What fun! Thank you everyone!



Grubby Club - week 3!

A lovely evening to be outside!



Exploring Virtual Reality



This week we were very fortunate to have a special guest come in to school. Scott from Multiverses spent his day showing our children the future of education and learning. In the morning children from year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to explore an underwater coral reef leading to fantastic descriptive writing. In the afternoon children from year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to explore art in a 3D space using Google's ‘Tilt Brush’ software. This technology has proved to be inspiring, educating and engaging within a school setting.

Superhero day 2017

Our annual superhero day for Gold September was another huge success this year.

The children looked amazing and we raised £396 by selling badges and wearing non uniform for this fabulous cause.

Well done to our super children!

Superhero day 2017

Superhero day 2017

Superhero day 2017

Superhero day 2017

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

All staff from Embark Federation received excellent training last night on Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning.

This was led by our very own Mr Goodburn at Kilburn Juniors and it was such an inspiring session that even the rain didn't dampen our spirits!

The staff took part in a number of well thought out activities that suit the outdoors rather than the classroom. What made the session even better was the enthusiasm of all of our staff and the creative thinking of how these can be adapted and used for different subjects and ages.

This is all part of our commitment to give our pupils a wide range of opportunities and a first class education.

Huge thank you to Mr Goodburn and all our staff for a memorable training session.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

Embark Federation - Forest schools training