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Class 4

Chick news!

Yipeeee exciting news today- One of Mavis' eggs has hatched. Welcome to the world little chick! As you can see it isn't a yellow chick, but yellow and brown. The breed is called a Cream Legbar hen. Lovely addition to our last week of school :-)


Smalley's Summer Show 2017

Well done children, what a super show.

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.



'Eggciting' times ahead!

As you may have seen, we are expecting chicks in the last week of term! Mavis currently has a clutch of 7 eggs that she is incubating and doing a very good job with. Today she has been moved into a separate hutch so that she can incubate in peace and get ready for her chicks. 

Incubation and chick development takes 21 days which is amazing that a new life can be made in just 3 weeks. Today is day 10 so we have carefully checked the eggs development. This is called 'candling'. To candle an egg you need to shine a torch at the bottom of the egg in a very dark room. As you can see, by day 10 the egg will show lots of veins and blood vessels- this is called mapping. 

Mavis has done a good job so far and her chicks are developing. The eggs are half way there so keep your fingers crossed for the due date! 

If you have anything you'd like to know about the hens, or Mavis and her eggs just remember you can ask Miss Tulley or Mrs Reckless :-)



Reading for Life!

During Book Week 2017, special assemblies were held with lots of special guests. Our guests included Lucy Truman, who came to speak to the children on Tuesday about her work as an illustrator. Lucy also gave a masterclass to Class 4, where they designed some beautiful book covers. On Wednesday Tess, Oliver and Iris spoke about their favourite books, visiting Heanor library and making bookmarks. On Thursday, we welcomed Mr Huntington, who is the headteacher at Heanor Gate Science College; he came to read his favourite children's book 'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson. Our very own Dr Shelton shared her wonderful book that she had written as part of her studies - she spoke to the children about everyone having the potential to write a book and that everyone has a book inside them  

On Friday, we held a special whole school assembly where each class shared the work they had been doing. 

Thank you to everyone who visited our school and to everyone who shared their work during our assemblies this week. 


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IMG_3292 IMG_3293 IMG_3285
IMG_3287 IMG_3288

Book Week - Teacher Swap

As part of our book week in school, we held a teacher swap! Teachers went into other year groups to share their love of reading. This was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike.



I love my life!

We enjoyed thinking about the lyrics of this song in our assembly today. Please enjoy and share at home too.  


Phase 6 phonics - using suffixes

Image result for ful suffix words ks1

Here's a link to the game we have been using to help us with the -ful suffix:


Image result for coming soon cartoon gif

Image result for suffix less

Next week in our Letters & Sounds sessions we will be looking at a range of different suffixes - including -less and -ly.  Here are some interactive games we will be using to support our learning:



Have fun!


Letters & Sounds Phase 6 2017!


This week in Letters and Sounds, we have been looking at the suffix - 'FUL' and thinking about how we can use it to create adjectives.  We have also looked carefully at the spelling of it and although it means to be 'FULL of" something, we only use 1 'l' on the suffix.

To earn a merit, I have sent home a word search activity to be completed,

please return on Monday, 9th January.

To earn another merit, can you make a list of 10 words which use the suffix 'ful'? 

Good luck!



Staying SMART online!

This half term in computing class four are learning how to most effectively use the internet.

To get us going we have been learning how to stay safe and SMART online. What does staying SMART mean? Well here's a handy poster to keep you informed.



We have spent the afternoon designing our own posters to help everyone keep informed! Here we are hard at work.....





If you require any advice or further information on internet safety please visit 


Carol singing at Tesco!

We have had another fabulous day and it was a real privilege to go to Tesco Carol singing with performance club this afternoon.

They sang a range of carols for an hour and it sounded beautiful. We had so many lovely comments from shoppers and managed to raise £115.

Huge thanks to Mrs Mason and Mr Redgrave for playing the keyboard and leading the singing. Also, thank you to Mrs Hull for her support in organising the children and of course her singing!

Thank you to our PTFA, parents and grandparents for supporting this visit out of school.

It has certainly helped me get into the Christmas spirit children, thank you!

Carol singing at Tesco!

Carol singing at Tesco!

Carol singing at Tesco!