Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class 4

The Cup of Courage


Can you remember why the girls received the Eddy Parry Cup of Courage

in our Gold Book assembly today?



Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you 😊


Haikus with Class 4

Today we have been learning all about Haikus. We would love to share some of the Haikus we wrote this English lesson. They are mostly about the seasons of the year, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them!


Rain and thunderstorms.
Not going to the seaside.
Got to stay inside.

Late at night by fire,
Dark and cosy, woolly warm.
Christmas, joy, merry, bright.

Ice creams are so tasty.
Ice creams are perfect for treats.
Great for the summer.

The sunshine is warm
Flower are blooming. The buzz,
Of the bees everywhere.

Now it’s winter time.
Lots of trees are going bare.
Start making snowmen.

Bare trees everywhere.
Christmas is coming again.
Snow is falling down.

Red, yellow, orange
Colours of autumn. Summer,
Is coming to end.

Now winter has come.
It’s time to say bye sunshine.
Then try to stay warm.

The sun is shining.
Bees are collecting nectar.
Flowers are around.

Warm out on the beach.
Holiday time has arrived.
I’m near the calm sea.

Haiku just 5 first.
Then 7 at the next line,
And then 1 more 5.


Can you comment with your own Haiku telling us what you think?

Competition spotting!

I spotted this!


A chance to design a national book token and win prizes! 


Easter holiday sunshine!

Happy Easter holidays from the school hens! Here they are enjoying the lovely sunshine... the sunshine gives them a great opportunity to preen themselves and have a dustbath. It also makes them feel relaxed as you can see 😊

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KS2 Tennis stars!


Some of our KS2 children were awarded their certificates in Gold Book assembly this Friday , having represented school in a AVSSP Tennis tournament at Heanor Leisure Crntre last Tuesday evening. 

They competed in singles matches against several local schools , and against each other, showing some excellent skill for their age. 

The final result being that we finished second overall, just a few points behind Codnor School. Fantastic effort by all our children and thank you to Miss Longden for her support and to our parents. 


Wow! Class R had some very special visitors today! We found 2 smooth newts in our outdoor area. How fantastic that we have amazing wildlife visiting us- we are very lucky! We are now going to use these visitors to inspire learning. 

See if you can find out some facts about smooth newts and comment below. 

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A special Mother's Day service


Thank you so much to the ten members of our SING group who performed at the Mother's Day service at church this morning.  

You all sang beautifully and made us all very proud.

We hope you've enjoyed the rest of your day.  Thank you for sharing your time with us this morning.


Happy Mother's Day!

IMG_0978Class 4 would like to share with you their Mothers Day artwork,that they have made this week, and would like to wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!

World Book Day 2018


It may have been a week later than planned - but we all had great fun dressing up as book characters today.  Thank you for all of the beautiful costumes and ideas about books and stories.  What a great day we've had!