Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class 3

Our Harvest Festival 2018

Friday saw the last part of our two week Harvest Celebrations at Smalley School.  We started with our visit to the chapel, then our Harvest assembly and finally our sharing of the Harvest gifts.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Autumn time.


Please enjoy our Harvest 2018 video:



Gold September's Grand Total!


We're very proud to announce that our

school community raised an amazing


for the Gold September charity.


Thank you again for your kindness.

Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

This week we have been investigating the spelling of words which have the sound /zh/ in them, as well as feather, heather, leather, weather.




I do love Smalley School;  I love it when I'm surprised by children and adults in our school!  I love it when there's a buzz in the air.

At lunch time today, I looked through Class 5's classroom door and the room was in total darkness.......I was intrigued....what was happening?  As I opened the door to peer inside - this is what I saw......


Mr Redmond reading by lamp light, children listening so carefully to the story.  I later found out that these were spooky stories and the dark room was setting the scene.  How wonderful... thank you for the excitement Mr Redmond and Class 5 and thank you for inviting me to come and share a story another week....keeeeeep reading.

After the story time, children were invited to read their own books.......here they are enjoying them:


English homework

Write an acrostic poem about someone you know or yourself, ensure you use interesting adjectives and powerful verbs.

Please complete and return by Wednesday 10th October. 

Happy National Poetry Day 2018!

Happy National Poetry Day children!

How will you celebrate yours?


Phase 6 Letters & Sounds - adding the suffix 'ing'


We have been looking at verbs and adding the suffix 'ing'.

Can you speak through these verbs at home and explain what you would do before adding ing?



Gold September - a huge, heartfelt thank you


We are absolutely overwhelmed with all of the support and generosity for Gold September - a charity so very close to our hearts; thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts. 20180911185704-76

Thank you for all of the amazing, generous cake donations, thank you for your time, thank you for your kind words of support, thank you for coming to the coffee morning, thank you for all the superhero costumes, thank you for all of the donations for wearing a superhero costume, thank you for all the money for the children to buy the cakes, thank you for delivering the cakes to all the children in school, thank you for buying cakes after school, thank you for buying Gold September badges all through the month, thank you for your help in setting up, flower arranging, music, buying supplies, making tea and coffee.......the list is endless - thank you so very very much.

Our community came together and has done so much good.



Superheroes have taken over class 3! 

Look how well they can line up it must be the superhero in them. 



Music with Mrs Evans

Class 3 enjoying playing percussion instruments. After being given a directive, such as ' make an unusual sound with your instrument- don't play it the conventional way' they all had a turn at the game and enjoyed their music. IMG_0788