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Class 3

Final Christmas Cake Club!

Wow! What a busy few weeks we've had! Today was the final session of Christmas Cake Club and we are very proud of the children's effort and enthusiasm. We have produced 20 fantastic Christmas cakes, all unique and special :-). We hope that you enjoy cutting your cake and enjoying it over the Christmas time. Huge well done children!!! And a big thank you to the grown ups at home for providing the long list of equipment and ingredients. It is much appreciated by the children and staff, helping us to provide this wonderful experience for the children. 

IMG_6506 IMG_6507

Phase 6 Letters & Sounds

We have been revisiting how to make singular words into plurals.

Great spelling children!  Have a go at the game at home - how did you do?




Christmas Cake Club session 2!

It's marzipan time!!! We had a wonderful club yesterday, coating our cakes with jam and marzipan. Well done to all the children... we are looking forward to next weeks session which will be the last! 

IMG_6389 IMG_6390 IMG_6391

Christmas Cake Club Session 1

What a wonderful first session in Christmas Cake Club today! I hope you all enjoy baking your cakes at home tonight. The instructions for baking are in the Club packs I gave out last week but here is a reminder: Bake in the middle of the oven at 140 degrees Celsius for about two to four hours. The time will depend on the type of oven. Keep checking by inserting a skewer into the centre of the cake until it comes out clean. 

Cool the cake overnight, and once cooled remove it from the tin, wrap in cling film and keep it in the cupboard til the next club (5th Dec). 

Well done bakers!


Christmas cake club

The first session of Christmas Cake Club is Tuesday 21st Nov over lunch and after school. 



Phase 6 Letters & Sounds - Singular to plural

EACC4FC5-0F7C-4A23-85D1-BFBF3F1FE23BCan you talk to an adult about what this poster means to you?

To earn 5house points can you make a list of 5 nouns which follow the above spelling rule? Good luck. 

Our Harvest thanksgiving

Well done to all the children and staff involved in our special Harvest assembly today. Our hall was packed with warmth as we shared our special Harvest message; every  child, from our youngest to our oldest, did their best to share our important message. 


Thank you to the Year Two children who led our assembly today. You did yourselves so proud;all that practising, loud voices, team work and belief that you could do it - well done. 

It was wonderful to have a full hall today. Thank you for supporting us.

 With your kind donations, we raised £233.21 for The British Red Cross charity which will go towards helping the Caribbean children affected by the recent hurricanes. Thank you so very much. 


Happy half term. 

Grubby Club - week four finale!

What fun! Thank you everyone!



Grubby Club - week 3!

A lovely evening to be outside!