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Class 2

Team work reading and spelling!



In Class R, 1 and 2 we are all working together to learn how to read and spell all of the tricky words from our phonic and English lessons.  These are those words that don't follow the normal segmenting and blending way of reading.  We help the children to recognise these by sight.

In Class R, the children are working hard on the Phase 2 words.

In Class 1, the children are working hard on the 3 & 4 words.

In Class 2, the children are working hard on the Phase 5 and the Year 2 exception words.

Tricky-Word-mini-book-marks-or-word-banks-pdf-1024x724 T-L-5089-Common-Exception-Words-Years-1-and-2-Word-Mat_ver_1

Please help your child to read and spell these words.

Many thanks

The Early Years and Key Stage 1 Team

Money, money, money!


This week in our Maths lessons, we have been working hard on counting the value of a different amount of coins.

We have been looking at amounts up to 20p, 50p and £1.00 and £2.00.  We have been counting in 10 pences, 2 pences and 5 pences.


Here is a link to the slides we have been using to help to practise these skills:

  Download Money

Play these games at home to practise these important life skills:




Good luck and happy counting!

Phase 6 Letters & Sounds

We have been revisiting how to make singular words into plurals.

Great spelling children!  Have a go at the game at home - how did you do?






This week in maths, we have been doubling numbers.  Here is the website we have been using:


The Gunpowder Plot: Did you know?

Who is this man?

Why do we remember him?

Here is a video link that we used in class.  Can you remember the 5 facts?




Phase 6 Letters & Sounds - Singular to plural

EACC4FC5-0F7C-4A23-85D1-BFBF3F1FE23BCan you talk to an adult about what this poster means to you?

To earn 5house points can you make a list of 5 nouns which follow the above spelling rule? Good luck. 

Fun with 2D shapes

We have been sorting 2D shapes using a Venn diagram today -a wonderful happy teacher moment in class as Tess suggested that a semi circle needed to go in both hoops; Oliver slid the hoops together and Sophie named it as a Venn diagram - before the rest of the children said where the semi circle would now fit - just brilliant - applying our knowledge and building on one another’s ideas - what a team! 

 We also enjoyed exploring shapes using the geoboards. Can you name the shapes we’ve made? 


Enjoy our Maths In Action photos! Here’s the link to the geoboards that we used in lesson today.


Here comes Bonfire Night 2017.....

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

This weekend, lots of fireworks have been popping in the sky around my house.  In the upcoming week and next weekend I'm sure there will lots more, as the annual celebration of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot takes place.

Earn a merit....can you make a list of 5 words to describe the fireworks (think about the sounds, colours, actions and smells).  We will be using these in our English and topic work this week.

Celebrating apples


Homework projects to be proud of - thank you everyone for your hard work.