Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class 2

Our Harvest Festival 2018

Friday saw the last part of our two week Harvest Celebrations at Smalley School.  We started with our visit to the chapel, then our Harvest assembly and finally our sharing of the Harvest gifts.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Autumn time.


Please enjoy our Harvest 2018 video:



Our Autumn poetry project



Gold September's Grand Total!


We're very proud to announce that our

school community raised an amazing


for the Gold September charity.


Thank you again for your kindness.

Seeing double!


This week, in our maths lessons, we have been doubling numbers and trying to gain rapid recall of our facts to double 20.  We have also learned how to double numbers that are bigger than twenty, by partitioning, doubling the tens and ones and then recombining.  Please use the video and the games to help to practise these skills:









Which game did you like best?  Please make a comment below.

Good luck!

Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

This week we have been investigating the spelling of words which have the sound /zh/ in them, as well as feather, heather, leather, weather.



Mrs Rodgers and Thomas

How wonderful to see Mrs Rodgers and the new addition to the Rodgers family today.  

Thank you for coming to see your class Mrs Rodgers, haven't they grown!



I do love Smalley School;  I love it when I'm surprised by children and adults in our school!  I love it when there's a buzz in the air.

At lunch time today, I looked through Class 5's classroom door and the room was in total darkness.......I was intrigued....what was happening?  As I opened the door to peer inside - this is what I saw......


Mr Redmond reading by lamp light, children listening so carefully to the story.  I later found out that these were spooky stories and the dark room was setting the scene.  How wonderful... thank you for the excitement Mr Redmond and Class 5 and thank you for inviting me to come and share a story another week....keeeeeep reading.

After the story time, children were invited to read their own books.......here they are enjoying them:


The very first phone - many many years ago.

It's been wonderful to see the children really engaged in our History lessons.  We have been learning all about Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone.


Here we are investigating the first ever telephone, which Alexander Graham Bell got a patent for in 1876.  We also sorted models of phones into old and new and tried to explain why we thought this.:




What else can you find out about Alexander Graham Bell or the telephone of then and now?  

Please write any facts in the comment box below.

National Poetry Day - Year 2 style!

What a fun day!

 Exploring poetry in many different ways!  

Please have a look at our slide show to see just a few of the poetry adventures we went on.

Here's a link to one of my most favourite poems ever!  

We shared it in our Key Stage 1 assembly and then took it home to share with our parents - brilliant!

Thank you children for a fun learning day - hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

Happy National Poetry Day 2018!

Happy National Poetry Day children!

How will you celebrate yours?