Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class 1

The Cup of Courage


Can you remember why the girls received the Eddy Parry Cup of Courage

in our Gold Book assembly today?



We're going on a Word Hunt

Class 1 went hunting in the sunshine to find real and nonsense words hidden around the playground. Great team work everyone!


Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you ๐Ÿ˜Š


Nesting Safari!

Class 1 went on a 'nesting safari' collecting things to make a birds nest. They then worked in teams to build a warm and comfortable nest for a chick. Well done Class 1!




Maths Games

This week Class 1 have been learning to read number names to 100. We enjoyed playing this game as a class. Why not have a go at fruit splatting at home too?


Competition spotting!

I spotted this!


A chance to design a national book token and win prizes! 


Easter holiday sunshine!

Happy Easter holidays from the school hens! Here they are enjoying the lovely sunshine... the sunshine gives them a great opportunity to preen themselves and have a dustbath. It also makes them feel relaxed as you can see ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Beautiful Easter Hats and a gorgeous parade!



Class 1 and the Giant Beanstalks!

We have had lots of fun looking after and watching our beanstalks grow. Well done Class 1!



Wow! Class R had some very special visitors today! We found 2 smooth newts in our outdoor area. How fantastic that we have amazing wildlife visiting us- we are very lucky! We are now going to use these visitors to inspire learning. 

See if you can find out some facts about smooth newts and comment below. 

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