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Final Christmas Cake Club!

Wow! What a busy few weeks we've had! Today was the final session of Christmas Cake Club and we are very proud of the children's effort and enthusiasm. We have produced 20 fantastic Christmas cakes, all unique and special :-). We hope that you enjoy cutting your cake and enjoying it over the Christmas time. Huge well done children!!! And a big thank you to the grown ups at home for providing the long list of equipment and ingredients. It is much appreciated by the children and staff, helping us to provide this wonderful experience for the children. 

IMG_6506 IMG_6507


Mollies cake was delicious! we will make it again next year!

its making me hungry

WOW! What amazing cakes!

I wish I could do that !!!!

A BIG thankyou to all staff and pupils for a wonderful Christmas show on Tuesday it was really brilliant, so lovely to see our Grandaughter Sophie from class R

Brilliant! Well done everybody, and thank you to Miss Tulley and helpers for running the club.
We love Millie's Christmas cake and are looking forward to trying it.

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