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The Gunpowder Plot: Did you know?

Who is this man?

Why do we remember him?

Here is a video link that we used in class.  Can you remember the 5 facts?




i fagot about him mrs sorry

The Man is Guy Fawkes

He tried to blow up the houses of Parliament.

The plot was originally planned for February.

Remember remember the 4th November. Guy Fawkes was actually arrested on the night of the 4th.

Guy Fawkes didn't work alone, he had 12 men to help him.

Some of their severed heads were put on the wall. Guy Fawkes head was on the wall as well . After years and years all of their heads were buried in the sand .

A letter was sent saying I say they shall receive a blow this Parliament.

We still search the cellars to this day, to see if something happens again, like when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of Parliament.

Guy Fawkes
He was going to blow up King James.
4th of November not 5th
He didn't work alone
Yeoman checks the cellars
The plot was planned for February
Someone sent a letter.

1. Guy Fawkes
2. We remember him because he tried to blow up the houses of Parliament

Remember remember 4 November Guy Fawkes got arrested
On 4 November

The plot was originally planned for February

Guy Fawkes didn't work on his own he had 12 men to help him

The frends of Guy Fawkes and Guy Fawkes had their severed heads on the wall

There was a letter sent to King James the first it said some people were under Neath the seller and said that Guy Fawkes was under their he is trying to blow up the houses of Parliament The letter said

We still search the sellers

Guy fawkes planned it for February because of the plague.
Somebody sent parliament a letter warning them of the plot.

Well done Toby - the link works now thank you for letting me know.

The man is Guy Fawkes.
We remember him because he tried to blow up the houses of parliament.
1. It happened on the 4th of November and is celebrated on the 5th.
3. He didn't work on his own, he worked with 12 men.
5. The guards check in the cellars every year.

I can't remember the other two facts and the video didn't work.😕

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