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Fun with 2D shapes

We have been sorting 2D shapes using a Venn diagram today -a wonderful happy teacher moment in class as Tess suggested that a semi circle needed to go in both hoops; Oliver slid the hoops together and Sophie named it as a Venn diagram - before the rest of the children said where the semi circle would now fit - just brilliant - applying our knowledge and building on one another’s ideas - what a team! 

 We also enjoyed exploring shapes using the geoboards. Can you name the shapes we’ve made? 


Enjoy our Maths In Action photos! Here’s the link to the geoboards that we used in lesson today.



i went on geobord today

I made a pentagon and a octagon

I love geoboards
Class 2 is amazing ❤️

I loved going on the geobord and making the vemdiagram!posted by Phoebe!

I love the geoboard

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