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3d Shapes in Class 2


This week in our Mathematics lessons we have been examining 3D shapes. We've had great fun stacking the shapes into super tall towers as well as finding out which ones roll and which ones do not.

We have been using some great online games too.  Here are the links:



We have been using the important language and recognising shapes just from their description.

We have been using

vertex        vertices        faces        edges        curved        straight        

circular        square        triangular        rectangular

To earn a merit I wonder if you can create a riddle to see if we can guess what the shape is. 

Here is an example:

I have 3 faces. 

One of my faces is curved and the other two are circular.

I have two curved edges and I can be stacked.

What am I?

(Scroll down to find the answer)











FC_Cylinder_41702_mdA cylinder




I have 2 faces and i can roll in a circle. i am a cone. by logan

I have 5 sides and I have 5 vertices

yes I`m a (Triangular base pyramid

I have 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 straight edges.
All of my faces are the same size.
I can be stacked.
What am I?


I have 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces who am I? yes I'm a cuboid.

I have 1 side

I can roll

Yes I'm a shere

By Dixie

I am a 3D shape I have no vertices 1 curved edges and I roll what am I

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