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Class 4 Homework Task 30/11/12

To make a small Victorian style decoration, to hang on the class Christmas tree.  

This should be completed and handed in by Monday 10th December.

(Remember this is a surprise for Mrs Shelton so don't tell her!)


Thank you for the lovely comment Libby, I'm glad you're enjoying being in class 4.
I've seen your finished decoration today and it is super with a brilliant glittery finish it will look great hanging in our classroom. Well done.

from Mrs Rawlings

My Homework task is almost finished it just needs to dry and I just need to decorate it. I am settling in to class 4 I love Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Shelton they are the BEST teachers .I love reading with Mrs Shelton and I love being with Mrs Rawlings she makes me feel at home she makes me feel the best person in the whole world.
From Libby Del Rosso.

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