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Split Digraphs - Phase 5

This week in Letters and Sounds we have been revisiting the split digraph rule!

A split digraph is two letters, split, making one sound e.g. a-e as in make and i-e as in site.

a-e                            e-e                         i-e                          o-e                                 u-e

came                        these                        like                           bone                        June

made                        Pete                        time                           pole                        flute

make                        Eve                          pine                           home                      prune

take                           Steve                      ripe                            alone                       rude

game                        even                        shine                        those                        rule

race                          theme                    slide                            stone                       huge

same                        gene                        prize                           woke                       cube

snake                       scene                    nice                              note                        tube

amaze                      complete            invite                            explode                   use

escape                     extreme               inside                         envelope                  computer

Set yourself a challenge and create your own list of split digraphs.


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